This Is Teachin’ Our Childrun

If Detroit’s Schall Elementary School principal Susan Wright lived in California, she would almost definitely vote for Dianne Feinswein. That is how deep her ignorance about firearms is, and how complete her disdain for the members of the military who protect her very right to be an ignorant snatch.  This might sound incredible, but this school administrator – who ostensibly has some kind of background in education and has likely taught at some point in her pathetic life – has soiled her panties at the sight of toy soldiers.

Not. Even. Kidding.

The boy was chided, and so were his parents, for cupcakes featuring little green Army men on the top.

Schall Elementary School principal Susan Wright called the parents at home and said the cupcakes were insensitive in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting. School staff pulled off the Army men before they were served.

Child considers military men heroes.

Child has cupcakes for his birthday.

Child’s parents put little green Army men as cupcake toppings, because child loves Soldiers.

Stupid slit removes the little guys, and snottily chides the family for DARING to be insensitive to those who might perhaps be worthless pant-shitters who might be traumatized by the sight of armed Soldiers protecting their rights and their nation.

First, Feinswein insults every veteran by implying that PTSD has made us mentally unstable – too mentally unstable to be allowed to possess the scary black “assault” weapons she wants to ban, even though we, veterans, are trained with them, and are undeniably qualified to use them. (Not to mention the fact that the clueless old bat thinks PTSD didn’t exist prior to the Iraq war.)

Now school principal freaks out at the sight of little toys – representations of the very military that takes an oath to protect her right to be ignorant!

This, and the teacher who freaked out at the sight of a Pop Tart that sort of resembled a firearm… This is teaching your kids.

It’s teaching your kids to be afraid.

It’s teaching your kids not to respect the military, but to fear them.

It’s teaching your kids to shun firearms as evil, thereby shunning personal accountability and courage.

It’s fostering government dependency.

It’s destroying individualism.

I don’t know why I’m even surprised.


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  1. This isn’t any big surprise. The whole “zero tolerance” thing about guns in school is DESIGNED for the sole purpose of demonizing firearms and indoctrinating enough of our kids to be afraid of them that they’ll make good little “gun control” advocates when they get old enough to vote.


  2. Pappad’s right. This isn’t about stopping crime or bullying. This is about terrorizing children to hate and fear guns. And I’m not surprised anymore; just appalled.

    BTW, wanna know what else Feinswine said, Nicki? Check out the “Gun Free Zone” blog. A video has her saying, and I quote, that “Federal regulations and state laws limit you to 3 rounds for duck hunting, but it’s legal to hunt humans with a 15, 30, or 150 round clips,” That’s right, boys and girls, according to DiFi, it’s legal to hunt our own kind! Dang! If I had known that this were so, I would have gone amurderin’ long ago! (ooh! a little rhyme time!)


    Fuckin’ idiot!


    1. Yeah, I saw that. The gun grabbers are either getting really fucking stupid or complacent enough to think that the sheeple will just take them at their word.


  3. In an interview several years ago, Eric Holder said that he wanted school children to be indoctrinated against guns in much the same way they were taught not to pick up tobacco and drug habits.


  4. quote:

    “First, Feinswein insults every veteran by implying that PTSD has made us mentally unstable – too mentally unstable to be allowed to possess the scary black “assault” weapons she wants to ban, even though we, veterans, are trained with them, and are undeniably qualified to use them.”

    And thus is the problem. The gun grabbers are not so concerned about the ‘bubba bumpstocks” or Tac-tard mall ninjas who have played way to many games of Modern Warfare. They are concerned about seasoned warriors who have been trained, are disciplined, and know what it is like to be in a gun fight. The thought of “those people” having firearms sends chills down their spine and makes their palms sweaty, as it triggers the pant $hittin hysterics reflex.


  5. I certainly hope the troops,active or on civvy street, remember this and how this regime feels about THEM and THE PEOPLE if they ever get orders to sstart confiscating the PEOPLES GUNS. This witches empty headed blathering is going to come back to haunt her..Hey???


  6. Time to pull our kids from publik skools.

    Time to find ways to undermine funding of publik skools.

    Time to publicly embarrass and expose these so-called skool leedurs for the idiots they are.


  7. southtexaspistolero

    This is why we’re going to homeschool.


  8. My daughter isnt of school age yet, she isnt even out of pooping and drooling stage yet for that matter. I dread sending her to school with teachers like these running around trying to make everyone touchy feeling, I haz a hurt feeling pussys.

    This is why this country is going down the shitter, everyone feels they are special even when they are preforming at a sub standard level. Everyone feels that they deserve a trophy, even if they didn’t put forth their best effort. Everyone feels that they have the right to whine and cry when they are made to realize that you do not get a free ride. Fucking entitled brats are what this country is raising, granted there are exceptions, and the teachers are one of the biggest reasons for this. Parents are too busy doing fuckall to teach their kids right and wrong and leave it up to those who have their own agenda.

    Makes me want to throat punch people on a daily basis.


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