Evie Hudak – Repulsive Sack of Authoritarian Crap

There are few life events more painful and traumatic than rape. Aside from the physical damage, the emotional scarring is deep and lasting. It’s a violation of body and soul on the deepest, most fundamental level. It transforms an act of love – or at the very least fun and joy – into an agonizing invasion of self and destruction of pride and dignity. It destroys lives – in many cases permanently.

Well, apparently Colorado State Senator Evie Hudak has never been raped – has never experienced the torment of a rape – has never felt the violation of her body by a violent attacker in search of power.

I’m not going to make jokes about this fugly, ignorant, heartless cunt (and I use that word very precisely and deliberately, because anyone who trivializes a person’s agony in the manner that she did, can only be described as a noxious set of meat curtains, barely deserving to be the bearer of female genitalia). I’m not going to quip about the fact that the most desperate man wouldn’t want to touch that rancid, oozing piece of meat. Rape is not funny. It’s not a joking matter – even when the person idly chatting about it looks like a demented clown from a horror novel, at the sight of whom the most despondent of penises will wilt.


But apparently, to the fetid twat pictured above, rape is not deserving of sympathy, humanity or even sadness. Not when a political agenda is at stake.

RedState has background:

Colorado Democrats have decided to respond to recent criminal mass murders by legislating bans on high-capacity magazines, banning concealed carry, taxing legitimate gun purchases, and requiring background checks before private transferal of firearms. And, oh, yes, Colorado Democrats also want to make gun manufacturers liable for crimes committed with those guns, but that’s scheduled for later… what’s that? How would any of this stop a crazy lunatic from mass murder? Oh, that’s easy: it won’t. But it will make a bunch of legislators with Ds after their names to feel a little less scared at night, which is apparently more important.

So, as a rape survivor was testifying in this hearing, asking the legisleeches to consider that maybe – JUST MAYBE – had she been allowed to carry a concealed firearm, she could have prevented this rape, Senator Evie Hudak decided it was appropriate to denigrate the victim by insisting that statistics are not on her side, and she probably would not have been able to defend herself anyway.

Collins was attending the Capitol to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her rape at the University of Nevada-Reno in 2007. While walking to her car after an evening class, Collins was grabbed from behind by an armed man and raped in a university parking garage less than 300 yards from a campus police office.

Collins had a concealed carry permit, but was not permitted to have her 9-mm Glock on campus, per Nevada law.

“I’m weighted with this question,” Collins told the Colorado committee Monday, “What would have been different if I had been carrying the weapon I was licensed to carry that night?”

After calling the details of the rape “unsettling,” Hudak moved to answer Collins’ question quickly. Citing statistics and bits of Collins’ own testimony, Hudak said she isn’t sure anything would have been different if Collins had a gun.

“You said that you were a martial arts student — I mean person — experienced in taekwondo,” Hudak said. “And yet because this individual was so large, was able to overcome you even with your skills, chances are that if you had had a gun, he would have been able to get that from you and possibly use it against you.”

Hudak continued to say that statistics produced by the Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence show that for every one woman who used a handgun to kill someone in self-defense, 83 were murdered by their attackers.

“I just want to say that actually, the statistics are not on your side,” Hudak concluded. She later apologized for what she said.

Changed the video because of copyright issues. This video is even worse – it includes Amanda Collins’ touching testimony and Hudak’s callous response, as well as the young lady’s rebuttal.

Not even kidding.

This made my blood boil on so many levels, I seriously considered flying out there and cunt punting this bitch until she had no vaj left to violate, should that ever happen to her.

Rather than exhibit any kind of sympathy or understanding toward the victim, she chose to quote statistics from a gun control group.

Rather than acknowledging that having a firearm at least would have given Collins a fighting chance, she proceeded to coldly tell her that she probably would have been violated anyway, so why bother?

Instead of kindness, she dished out callousness.


Because having a survivor tell her flat out that having a firearm would perhaps have given her a chance – might have tipped the scale in her favor – might have allowed her to stop this egregious violation of self, and that just doesn’t gel with Hudak’s agenda.

So she went on to try and discredit Collins in order to feed her lust for control.

Meanwhile, a school counselor stopped a stalker and would-be rapist dead in Georgia.

An accused rapist and registered sex offender was shot by a would-be victim in Missouri.

A woman in New Mexico shot a rapist who broke into her home and tried to rape her at knife point.

A female cab driver in New Orleans ventilated a scumbag who tried to rape her in her cab.

These women had a fighting chance, and they avoided becoming victims, unlike Amanda Collins and women like her, whom Hudak wants to keep defenseless without a chance.

We always hear the gun grabbers whine about how if their policies save even one life, it will be worth violating everyone’s rights.

But apparently, they don’t feel the same way about self defense. They don’t care if just one woman protects her body and her life… because their disarmament policies would be worth it.

Hudak and her hoplophobic asshole buddies in Colorado don’t care. They would rather see women raped and killed, because “saving just one life” by turning everyone else into victims would be worth it.

She apologized? Apology NOT accepted.

But the statement is certainly appreciated, as it gives us a look into the twisted, callous mind of a gun grabbing Demtard.


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  1. I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tried, to not make my Second Amendment stance “political”, but damn….here’s the thing:

    Democrats hate women. I am convinced of it.

    “Oh, you’re about to get raped? Listen, just piss yourself, or tell your assailant that you’re having your period, or tell him you have an STD. What? A gun? Oh my. You think a gun is the answer?

    No, no, no, no guns. Guns are evil, remember? Guns kill innocent school children in Sandy Hook, CT. Just allow yourself to be raped, deal with it, and don’t shoot anyone. You don’t want to carry the pain of killing an innocent person the rest of your life, do you? Guns are bad. Rape is just a passing thing, and we’ll be sure to get the proper mental health care needed for the guy raping you when, and if, we catch him.”


  2. Nicki, it looks as if the you tube video that is imbedded has been pulled due to copy right issues. Just giving you a heads up.


    1. Well, dammit! I wonder if there’s another copy.


  3. I’m Robot Wrangler from This aint hell btw. Good blog so far from what I have been reading. I would like to contact you via email or some other method so I can get an update on the soap thing we were discussing.


    1. No problem. I’m actually talking to her right now. Stand by. Or email me at nicki.fellenzer.4471 at gmail.


  4. Roger that.


  5. Now to comment on the actual story. The sheer audacity of this bitch is astounding. Really your going to tell a rape survior that statistics are not on her side? Especially when the closest she has probably been to an actual physical assault is when the cooks at a buffet are pissed off for having to cook overtime to feed her lard ass. I’m sure she would be the type to shit herself if attacked, especially seeing how she is full of it.


    1. I sent her a nasty Twitter message. She hasn’t been on the Twitter feed since March 4. If I were her, I wouldn’t show my foul face anywhere public either.


  6. Yep, and she made her apology (which the young lady apparently has questions as to its sincerity) in private. Not in public, not in any forum, in private. She’s a coward as well, but that’s no surprise given her comments.


    1. She’s just a horrible person! Evil bitch.


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  8. There were 30 County Sheriffs there to testify against the gun bills as well as hundreds of citizens. The bottom line is that the Democrats are ramming their agenda through, no matter what evidence or testimony is given.


    1. That’s what Democrats do. Ram through legislation because you and I are too stupid to know what is good for us and they and their big Government know best.

      Be ever vigilant, Rick.


  9. Nicki I love your blog. This is a great post, just one thing wrong with it. You should not call her a cunt, that would give her useful purpose in life. I know I know, she is rather fugly and all, but there are males out there that would bang her fat ass, just because some guys have no standards. Other than that, topnotch article!


  10. I take exception to your calling this Hudak thing a “cunt,” since it obviously lacks the warmth and depth to be one.


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  12. This woman quotes statistics that come from Colorado Coalition Against Gun Violence, what else does she expect the data to say? Anti-gunners focus on pseudo facts cooked up their pseudo think tanks.


  13. […] visibly shaken Hudak showed up the Capitol Wednesday, still the target of unfettered vitriol from gun control opponents emailing and tweeting at her — and sustained criticism from the Colorado GOP and the state’s […]


  14. Tell her to go back to NYC. She’s as useless as a fish with a bicycle


  15. brent mitchell

    Where does she live? We should know where All legislators and police live. It helps them remember they work for us and legislate a bit more responsibly. No more hiding. There should be an app for that so those who know can post since the legislators certainly wont.


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