Awwww! Evie Haz a Sad!

Apparently, Evie Hudak has been the victim of “unfettered vitriol from gun control opponents,” according to this press report that linked to this blog. She’s “visibly shaken.” She’s upset. She apologized to victim Amanda Collins, so what does everyone want from her?

Poor baby!

What does everyone want from her?

Certainly not a half-assed apology for being “insensitive!”

How about an acknowledgment that there are women out there who successfully defend themselves against attack using firearms?

How about some rational thought toward empowering women to become self-reliant?

How about giving women a fighting chance?


Of course, not. She still wants to disarm women, and her callous comments are only a means to an end – an end which will end up with more defenseless victims.

So you know what? I couldn’t give one whit about how upset Evie Hudak is! I couldn’t care less how shaken she is by the visceral response to her disgusting comments! She is, in fact, part of a war on women! A war that leaves them vulnerable and makes them into easy prey for pigs like the rapist who assaulted Amanda Collins. And Evie Hudak is on the front lines – destroying women’s ability to stop an assault, without so much as a thought to their safety and security!

She has the gall to be upset? She should be ashamed! She’s an embarrassment! A disgusting perversion of what a real woman is! And she’s using her legislative authority to ensure that there are more victims at the mercy of thugs and rapists!

And to the rest of the hoplophobic assmonkeys in Colorado defending her and attacking gun rights supporters for pointing out that this is, in fact, a war on women…

“For the Republicans to suggest these bills are a war on women is probably just a smokescreen for them to rationalize how they can possibly vote no on these bills, one of which takes guns away from domestic violence offenders,” Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, told FOX31 Denver Wednesday.

“We’ve got the background check bill that is devised to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals, including rapists. And I’m sure all 15 [Senate] Republicans will vote against that too on Friday.”

You’re a moron, John Morse. It is already illegal for domestic violence offenders to possess firearms, and violent criminals, including rapists are already legally barred from possessing firearms anyway! So please shut your ignorant trap and go away along with Evia Hudak!


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  1. jessemathewson

    Love this! Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks! I’m trying! 🙂


  2. Listen, bitches, um, ladies…just get raped and be done with it. You cannot have your damned guns for protection. You cannot shoot anyone. Their lives are more important than your body. (Oh crap, did I just say that? I’m pro-choice! Shit!) Stop saying we have a war on women because we don’t want them to be able to defend themselves from rapists. You’re spinning this. Stop it. Or I’ll cry.

    /sarc off

    All kidding aside, this woman is taking heat for being an idiot. She is in elected public office. She needs to suck it up and stop whining. Democrats have such thin skin.

    PS: Morse can politely blow me. And I don’t say that in a mean-spirited way. Not at all. (Nicki, can I say ‘blow me’ on your blog? Is that okay? I don’t want to overstep any boundaries here.)


    1. Please! You ask after I used the phrase “cunt punt” in my last entry? LMAO!!!

      I don’t censor. Say what you will, sir. The floor is yours!


      1. Nicki,

        Actually, I kinda figured you would be okay wit it. I was attempting to be all coy and bashful about it. I see it has failed. Like when I tried pissing up a rope during a hurricane. Total fail, that.

        Go Army, beat Navy.


        1. Coy doesn’t work around here. I’m blunt. 🙂

          GO ARMY!!!!


  3. southtexaspistolero

    I’m going to guess Mr. Morse has no problem with those violent felons walking the streets as long as they allegedly can’t get guns. Presumably he’s okay with women being raped at knifepoint instead of gunpoint.


  4. Evie Hudak is a victim of circumstances.

    She didn’t really want to be a state legislator, but someone put a gun to her head and forced her to run for public office (Which explains her aversion to g-u-n-s).

    And so, after being compelled to place her name on the ballot for the Colorado State Senate against her will, she now finds herself in a position of public visibility and public scrutiny, and therefore susceptible to c-r-i-t-i-c-i-s-m from people whose viewpoints differ from her own. The mental and emotional stress on Evie must be tremendous!

    So get off her case and go easy on this pitiful victim of circumstance!

    Note to Evie: If you can’t take the criticism, then get out from under the dome in Denver and go back into your own kitchen where you belong. Government is a job for REAL women! And REAL women should be allowed to defend themselves.


  5. I really feel sorry for her. Nobody should go through life dumber than a box of rocks.


  6. I can’t find it in my heart to feel anything but contempt for someone who’s so unutterably stupid she can’t understand the concept she was obviously promoting…”If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it!” That “joke” got a GOP gubernatorial candidate shoved off the ballot in Texas a few years ago, but it’s PRECISELY the attitude Evie’s trying to convey, and the left thinks it’s simply “brilliant.”


  7. Personally I find it inspiring that something so obviously non-sentient can use actual language. Or perhaps it’s more like a parrot.


  8. Good she should reap everything that is coming to her. Fucking landwhale should realize that being a senator does not mean you are better than everyone else.
    Go Navy err I mean Go Army…damn it coming from a Navy family but I joined the Army..


    1. Chris,

      I feel your pain. My father retired as a CWO (I think it was CWO…) after making it to E7 and then transitioning from enlisted to warrant. He even had a full beard, which at the time was allowable by Naval standards.

      I ended up joining The US Army, 11 series. This made for much friendly rivalry between us.


  9. Bravo. Keep their feet to the fire. I have been asking, “Why do liberals hate women?” a lot. Turn their own rhetoric against them, as far as I’m concerned, the gloves are off.

    If anyone chooses to turn their back on the Constitution, and the liberty it gives we the people, then fuck them. they are my enemy, republican OR democrat.

    Great blog, BTW.


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  11. I say just get twenty or guys with poor vision and little or no self-respect to run a train on this bint. When they’re done with her, give her pistol with one bullet in it and tell her, “Hey! We’re Pro-Choice and you chose to be raped.”

    That’s how unarmed Liberal females should be handled when they want to disarm American women. Rape ’em and leave ’em.


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