Think These Guys Will Give Up Their Guns?

I got this from my dad, who was also born in the former USSR and understands what it means to have a disarmed populace and an authoritarian government. He doesn’t like the idea of civilian disarmament either.

The link he sent me is an interesting conglomeration of photos posted by… ahem… people of questionable character on Facebook and other Internet sites. I say interesting, because it features an assorted collection of motley thugggz, some with their pants nearly around their ankles in an awkward representation of prison chic, wielding all sorts of weapons – all of which I’m guessing were not purchased legally.

But according to Uncle Joe, your “assault” weapon is the real problem, and all you have to do to ensure that you’re safe from thuglets such as this is negligently discharge a double barrel shotgun in the air.

So who is the problem here?

The girl involved in competitive shooting sports, whose rifle will likely be banned?


Or these thuglets?


Who do you think obtained the firearm legally, and which is more likely to commit a crime with it?

Whom do you find more threatening? This child being taught how to properly and safely use a rifle?


Or these guys?

ScreenHunter_102 Apr. 28 15.04

And who do you think will be disarmed by the end of this battle? These young ladies?


Or these young… um… men?

FB commando

In the end, I can tell you it’s not the thugs who will be disarmed.

Any questions?

h/t: Charleston Thug Life and my dad.



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  1. Great article. Great juxtaposition.

    BTW, Biden now says to shoot through your door. Your pants-stupid thuglets might inspire someone to take him up on that idea. 🙂


    1. Yeah…. dude just doesn’t know when to shut his yap, does he?


  2. And that is the exact reason, or reasons as the case may be, that I never stepped foot out of my house in SC without a weapon on my person. Ever.
    I just left there after working in the North Charleston area for a year – and I don’t miss it.


  3. I think you are using unfair comparisons.

    The first comparison you are unfairly assuming is the belief that gang bangers can accurately shoot. They subscribe to the “spray and pray” mantra in hopes that tossing mass amounts on undirected fire, one of their bullets will hit it’s target.

    The second unfair comparison is equating the brains of thugs to the brains of law abiding gun owners. There is no comparison. Thugs don’t have any brains. (I present evidence such as: some with their pants nearly around their ankles in an awkward representation of prison chic) if we could look at the voting results of these thugs (that’s assuming they could even find a voting booth) we might see further evidence.

    And finally, you showed all the law abiding people sitting behind long range targeting devices and the thugs behind handguns. This is unfair only because thugs can’t handle optics and my proof relates mostly to the first comparison I made.

    Have a good sir!


    1. LOL

      And it’s ma’am.


  4. These guys look like fools but nothing illegal about them throwing up club/gang signs if they aren’t criminals. I belong to a gun club we have a patch no hand signs but what is the diffrence. I will defend all peoples rights to own guns no matter what race they are. These me/boys in these pics look to imitating gang/thug culture but heck some of the white boys that come to our range look stright out of the cast of sons of anarchy . The in the end are just young guys. I dont know any of the people pictured.

    First picture

    This type of article would have been better with context to show that these people were criminals or felons or other wise should be prohibited from owning guns. The fact that they are black and look pretty corny and imature is not enough.

    I am a gun owner and support of the RKBA. been a member of the NRA since my first gun purchase (Summer 2004) Member of 2 local gun ranges and firearms safety instructor. I don’t condone criminals with weapons no matter how they look. If you are in Fayetteville, NC you can catch me at Jims or Range 37 look for the kind of over weight black guy making tons of noise with my big boy toys!


    1. You know perfectly well being black has nothing to do with it. If you read this blog with any regularity, you would know how much I abhor racism. And considering most of these idiots are probably too young to legally own firearms, I seriously doubt they were obtained in a legal manner.

      Additionally, are these “goofballs” really the examples you want to bring forth as responsible gun owners? Especially the douchebag who handed the pistol to the 5 year old in the first photo?

      But I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone dragged race into this. *sigh*


    2. And Harrison, the pictures above come from a blog called Charleston Thug Life, which is a blog that publishes the Facebook pictures & posts of KNOWN criminals, on every post, is a story that includes their criminal arrest records, convictions & sentences. Where did you get the idea that someone would just post pictures without a backstory??!? Wherever it was, it was the wrong place, cuz at CTL, you aren’t featured unless you have a criminal history..


  5. ORLY, Nicki? You gotta ask that?

    Any honest gun owner and member of the unorganized militia knows EXACTLY who will be attacked. US!

    O.K., friendly sarcasm off now.


  6. I’m not racist and I don’t find these pics or the article racist. In a prison study of men convicted for a 2nd violent offense, 85% had one thing in common: they were raised by single mothers. About 70% of black women are single. That is a recipe for a social crisis. Despite the claims of the radical feminists about that fathers are unnecessary, boys (even more than girls) need a father in their lives. Boys who grow up without dads have a far higher rate of dropping out of school, using drugs, joining gangs, doing crimes, and committing suicide.


  7. […] stumbled across these photos on the Charleston Thug Life blog, through a link at The Liberty Zone. Nicki, you’re […]


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    FocaílLeat DC!


  9. Love the way you made your point in this piece. Just a note for the haters – CTL is a group of citizens of varying races who spend a lot of time researching the thugs we profile. Folks with no criminal history don’t qualify for a spot on the blog. Those who slam the race card down on the table haven’t taken the time to research the blog or read through the criminal histories of those we profile.

    Once again – nice job!


    1. Thanks for doing what you do! And keep at it. 🙂


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