Moran to Host Gun Violence Forum…

I barely controlled my giggles when I saw this report from my county.

The forum, titled “Preventing Another Newtown: A Conversation on Gun Violence in America,” will feature a panel of experts on gun policy, public safety and mental health issues.

The following guests are slated to attend: Omar Samaha with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, retired ATF Special Agent David Chipman, Josh Horwitz with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, City of Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook, Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and former counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee Karen Marangi.

Note the conspicuous absence of any actual gun rights organizations, but the plethora of gun grabbing assholes on this so-called “panel of experts.”

And the fact that it’s being hosted by the violent thug Jim Moran… now there’s irony of ironies! Of course, Moran likes to use his fists to pummel his victims, but still…

Jim Moran, who while serving as mayor of Alexandria was involved in numerous assaults, but was allowed to skate.

Jim Moran, whose wife called the police because he got physical with her.

Jim Moran, who choked out an 8 year old child, claiming the youngster was trying to carjack him.

Jim Moran, who got into a physical altercation on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Jim Moran, who upon learning of his crotchfruit’s altercation with his girlfriend that resulted in possible skull fractures, said his son and his battered girlfriend were “good kids” who “look forward to putting this embarrassing situation behind them.”

Embarrassing, eh? What should be embarrassing is that the younger Moran was caught just weeks earlier advising an undercover journalist how to commit election fraud. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Moran household, apparently.

So what can gun rights advocates expect from this obviously biased forum?

Will Jim Moran hurl wild accusations at opponents like he did with Patrick Murray – a combat veteran with 24 years of active service including tours in Iraq and Kosovo – of never having performed any kind of public service?

Will he yell at opponents of gun control, like he screamed at a veteran during one of his townhalls to “SIT DOWN?”

Or will he just ignore legitimate questions from gun rights advocates, like he did with my buddy CV a few years back?

But mostly, I just wonder if anyone in the very blue county of Arlington sees the irony of having a thug with a history of violence and corruption host a forum on gun violence with the obvious intent of promoting citizen disarmament, based on the “panel of experts” that will be present at this circus.

I’d say we have a good case for carrying for the purposes of self-defense with this goon in the vicinity.


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  1. I think there will be an RLCVA action item going out tonight.


    1. I would love to have a bunch of gun owners there to confront this tool.


  2. They’d better be armed because this idiot is very likely to physically attack them.


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  4. I think you misspelled the title, it should have been Moron to Hold Gum Forum.


    1. And then I go and misspell things That should be Gun not Gum.
      I am so ashamed.


    2. Oh Moran isn’t stupid. He’s arrogant and evil, but not stupid.


  5. Never got to speak, it was a room of people either there to engage in intelligent conversation, or the bully pulpit of anarchists rudely interrupting anyone who was polite and civil enough to get in line. If i been able to, I was going to describe outcomes of a few of many situations that for lack of a gun, and use of brain power, distraction or phone calls to police, safe results happened, not ending with me murdering intruders and yet, i was defending myself, and under fear for my life.

    The two remarkable events for me were.
    1. Re determining who is dangerous, and should have their ability to obtain a weapon….. a women got up to speak to imposed limitations on the number of bullets allowed in a (her) permitted weapon….then went on to say, with nerves and fear, she would be unlikely to hit her target, nor be able to stop an intruder, with only ten rounds………ok……….well, sorry lady, that’s one for my side. I hope your name was taken by the chief of police and your permit revoked, you made my point that people who react out of fear, are not safe handling a ‘weapon’…….or maybe she was just a plug from central casting?

    2. When the mayor on the panel Karen Marangi mis named (apparently) the type of gun that slaughtered 20 children, and 6 adults, the man behind me with the orange sticker stating ‘guns save lives’ screamed out at the top of his lungs….no it wasn’t xyz gun, it was abc gun. Unfortunately, he needed to have me point out to him WHO cares what the NAME of the gun was, the children were slaughtered.

    It was clear, the gun debate is not about safe gun practices. The overwhelming rude reenactments played out tonight were about one thing. anti US government, anti personal control being imposed from the government, and their wanting carte blanch for their lack of self discipline about their ‘person’. And they unfortunately (for them) proved why they are vocal about ‘keeping heir guns’ because from their behavior tonight, very few would pass the sniff test on sanity.


    1. I saw the young lady who got up to speak. You are obviously completely ignorant when it comes to guns. She is small. She probably wouldn’t be effective with a cannon like I carry. An AR is a good choice for someone that small. It has very little recoil and is easy to aim. And as someone who obviously has never been in a situation where lives are on the line, you cannot imagine how nervous you get. So yes, we are human, and when we’re scared, we’re more likely to miss. So more rounds will likely be needed. Apparently, you simply love to have women victimized. Your hope that the idiot police chief somehow relieves her of her rights for having a normal human response shows you to be a heartless bitch.

      Second – a gun didn’t kill those children. A mentally sick human being did. For the record, his mother should have secured those firearms, knowing that a mentally unstable individual was living in her house. He was angry that she intended to institutionalize him, and he went on a rampage. Everyone paid for her negligence.

      As for passing the “sniff test” for sanity… you’re not passing the “sniff test” for constitutional knowledge. Resistance to tyranny was EXACTLY why the Second Amendment was included.


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  7. I have been in situations where deadly force was allowed. I have been in situations where there was an intruder in my home several times. Once he was standing at the bottom of my bed. If I ‘felt good about killing’ I would have had a gun, allowed by the. 2nd amendment. He was in my house, I was naked in bed, my husband slept thru his announcement that he was home. Over many frightening moments with a man twice the size of two of us combined, yes I am a ‘tiny scared white women’ and he was a huge black man packed into his black leather jacket. It took a lot of palpitations, lots of prodding to wake my soundly sleeping husband…..Time, evaluation, no gun and thought, allowed for the time to realize he was a common drunk not unlike many of the humans in our world, who over did it……who was in the wrong place. opportunity, an unlocked door, and sane people to escort him out into the hall way where we could then safely lock him out. Yes scared for our lives and what ifs. luckily, without a gun, we had the luxury of figuring the real, not the raging fear filled maybe…. Another time I was in a high school cottage, 10th grade, 15 yr old. curfew@midnight with about 25 young girls, and our adult 18 year old sorority sister chaperone. Some guys who had been milling about at the beginning of the week, and then were determined to be unsavory, took it upon themselves to return long after curfew, so they knew there would be no males around. They rolled their car down the long lakeside driveway, repeatedly knocked, were asked to leave. They became aggressive, had garbage cans and threw them threw the summer weight cottage screen porch where several of us were sleeping. We ran inside, locked the glass door and girls were making.plans to light their spray cans of deodorant and light it if they got in. The 18 year old chaperone knew about the hidden phone (no one in wants to pay for someone else’s phone call)’and called the police. They arrive quickly, no guns were fired. They took into custody several young,men, with sawed off shotguns who were wanted for armed robbery. If we had guns, we had the right to use deadly force. Sometimes, luck is on our side. But so is real fear, terror and time to make a choice. If we had had rapid fire weapons, several people would have been killed or injured. If I was the tiny women you are defending, these sorority girls would have likely been hurt or killed by their sorority sisters who would have mis fired. I bet you hate when the military explains someone lost their lives in friendly fire. It’s the same thing you were trying to defend about the poor ineffective gun toting women who can’t make her target, oh, and yes, she even said police under duress at an altercation might not be accurate. That’s why guns are not the answer. I’m only saying these are two situations where observation about what is happening, inability to point and shoot saved lives. But saving lives is not what this conversation is about with GunsSaveLives group. It is about how eager people are to snuff ‘the others’ as they determine that person to be. Join the military, if you want to kill people. I can tell you three more stories where deadly force would have been allowed. Wasn’t used. All alive to tell the story. Your sniff test about the constitutional rights was not the subject of my missive. Carry a gun, stroke it like you would your puppy. Thump your chest cuz it is protected by the constitution. I guess they overlooked the intelligent discourse mandate. So you must have won. Congratulations, you don’t mind if we call you to be on the clean up committee, as you have the stamina brave brawn and guts for slaughter.


    1. 1 – I’m glad you survived your bad incidents.
      2 – Self defense is not “allowed” by the Second Amendment. That right is protected by it.
      3 – Not all situations require deadly force. Here’s a tidbit you probably didn’t know. Most self defense cases aren’t even reported, because the firearm is merely brandished to scare off the assailant. And since no crime was committed, there will be no record. Research has been done in that field, but I’m sure to you, it’s all about killing.
      4 – “If we had had rapid fire weapons, several people would have been killed or injured.” — these are NOT rapid fire weapons! Good lord! Did you listen at all to what Agent Chipman told you? They fire as rapidly as your finger can pull the trigger.
      5 – “Guns are not the answer.” Tell that to the thousands of people who use them to defend themselves each year, and the police who do the same.

      • 81-year-old man in Florida stops attempted robbery, shoots would-be robber (FL)
      • Boy in TX Grabs Gun and Sends 2 Violent Home Invaders w/ Plans of Murder and Sexual Assault Fleeing (TX)
      • Business Employee Draws Gun on Knife Wielding Customer Who Stabbed Him Twice (VA)
      • Teen fires shot at armed prowler (TX)
      • Mystery gunman shoots suspected robber in SW Philly (PA)
      • Would Be Robber Shot by Victim in Miami, FL (FL)
      • Mother Uses Shotgun to Defend Her Children From Armed Home Invader (LA)
      • Homeowner Shoots At Intruder Who Tried To Run Him Over (OK)
      • Farmer Shoots and Kills Wanted Criminal (KS)
      • Store Owner Shoots 1 of 2 Armed Robbers in York, PA (PA)
      • Bank Robbery Suspect Shot in Face in by Gun Carrying Citizen (MO)
      • Widow in NC Holds Burglary Suspect at Gunpoint for Police, Gives a Great Interview (NC)
      • Armed citizen stops attempted robbery at liquor store in Topeka, no shots fired (KS)
      • Monroe, LA Resident Attacked With Hockey Stick Shoots His Attacker With Concealed Handgun (LA)
      • Texas homeowner shoots intruder during home invasion, protects wife and kids (TX)
      • Homeowner Shoots At, Scares Off Car Burglar (TX)
      • Alleged home invader killed in Hickory (NC)
      • Homeowner Interrupts Burglary, Captures Three Burglars & Holds Them at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive (TX)
      • Truck burglar awakens sleeping driver, then dodges bullets (TX)
      • Alabama Mother Uses Hi-Point Pistol to Fend off Daytime Burglar (AL)
      • Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots 1 of 2 Armed Robbers During Hold Up (IN)
      • Business Owner Catches Car Burglar and Holds Him at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive (CA)
      • Young Man in TX Shoots and Kills 1 of 3 Violent Home Invaders Who Attacked His Parents (TX)
      • HAPPY ENDING: Trio of robbers meets Armed American (VA)
      • Vermont Resident Fires Shot, Scares of Knife Wielding Burglar (VT)
      • Armed San Antonio Homeowner Helps Capture 2 Armed Drug Store Robbers (TX)
      • Dallas Homeowner Shoots and Kills Attempted Burglar (TX)
      • Sub Shop Employee in PA Pulls Gun on Armed Robbers, Sends Him Running From Store (PA)
      • Homeowner Holds Fugitive at Gunpoint Until the Cops Arrive (FL)
      • Prosecutors drop charges in Kingman shooting death (AZ)
      • Fatal stabbing in Indianapolis may have been case of self-defense (IN)
      • Security Guard at Tax Prep Office in MI Uses AR-15 to Defend Himself, Customers and Owners (MI)
      • Armed Robber in SC Tells Woman, “You’re Dead!” Then Runs Off When She Pulls a Gun (SC)
      • 72 Year Old Great-Grandmother Holds 2 Robbery Suspects at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive (TN)
      • Texas Homeowner Shoots Intruder Four Times (TX)
      • Maryland Homeowner Comes Home to Burglary in Progress, Shoots & Kills Suspect (MD)
      • 87-year-old man saves woman from attacker, possibly prevents rape (NM)
      • Kentucky Homeowner Shoots At, Scares Off Two Intruders Who Forced Their Way Into Home and Assaulted a Teenager (KY)
      • Candy Store Owner’s Armed Son Shoots Armed Robber Dead in Michigan (MI)
      • Woman Uses Gun to Ward Off Would be Burglar (OK)
      • Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Neighborhood Watch Edition (WA)
      • Houston Homeowner Confronts Multi Home Burglar And Fires Shots at Him (TX)
      • Standoff ends at east Houston smoke shop after botched robbery attempt (TX)
      • Resident fires at armed robbers (NY)
      • WA sheriff: homeowner shot man in self defense (WA)
      • Phoenix homeowner shoots burgular in his home (AZ)
      • Intruder shot breaking into home (TN)
      • Man shoots teens allegedly trying to rob him in Detroit (MI)
      • 86 Year Old Woman Scares Off Female Home Intruder With Gun (TN)
      • Attempted Murderer Shot by Would Be Victim (FL)
      • Armed homeowner fires at suspects during burglary (GA)
      • Store Owner Defends Wife, Shoots & Kills Armed Robber Who Shot at Him (PA)
      • Suspect killed after homeowner fires at armed intruders (NV)
      • Man attempts to rob gas station; owner brandishes pistol (UT)
      • Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who Tried to Break Into His Home (TX)
      • 86-year-old woman grabs gun in self-defense (VA)
      • Martin Luther King Jr. High School coach shoots attackers (MI)
      • Layton homeowner arrested for firing shots at alleged burglar (UT)
      • Magnolia Mother Fires Back at Burglars (TX) (video story)
      • Suspect Who Tried to Attack Woman With a Knife is Stopped by Good Samaritan With a Gun (WA)
      • Good Samaritan Neighbor Shoots and Kills Man Who Was Beating His Wife (TX)
      • Off Duty Security Guard in CA Shoots Would be Armed Robber (CA)
      • 2 of 5 Home Invaders Shot by Homeowner in Ohio (OH)
      • Homeowner in Louisiana Shoots Armed, Career Burglar in Buttocks (LA)
      • Vancouver, WA Resident Shoots and Kills Would be Prowler (WA)
      • Great Grandmother Shoots Would be Robber on Bus With 9mm Handgun (MI)
      • 82 Year Old Homeowner Shoots 30 Year Old Intruder Who Assaulted Him (MO)
      • Homeowner in ND Confronts Burglar at 3:30am, Fires Shots, Scares Him Away (ND)
      • Woman may have known intruder her husband shot in South Omaha (NE)
      • Magnolia Mother Fires Back At Burglary Suspects (TX)
      • Homeowner Shoots and Kills Masked Gunman Who Tried to Break Into Home (PA)
      • Gregory Matthew Bruni, Naked Intruder, Pooped And Masturbated In Tony Lands’ Florida Home (FL)
      • Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Black Rifle Edition (NY)
      • Store Clerk in AL Stops Knife Wielding Wine Thief – No Shots Fired (AL)
      • Woman in Indiana Exchanges Shots With Violent Home Invader, Scaring Him Off (IN)

      That’s just between January 23rd and now.

      6 “- “”I’m only saying these are two situations where observation about what is happening, inability to point and shoot saved lives. But saving lives is not what this conversation is about with GunsSaveLives group. It is about how eager people are to snuff ‘the others’ as they determine that person to be.” — You really are a callous person. I can tell you that when I was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by a crazy ex, a gun would have saved me a lot of pain, but I was prevented by law from carrying one. So was Amanda Collins and hundreds of rape victims. There’s NO ONE I know that is eager to “snuff” anyone. That would make them a sociopath, and I wouldn’t want them to have guns either. But I can tell you one thing: If my children were ever threatened, I will use deadly force to protect them. Period. Anyone who says anything else is a coward – and a disgusting one at that.

      7 – ” Join the military, if you want to kill people.” — spoken like a true ignorant who doesn’t understand the military. I served my country in the Armed Forces. I took a vow to protect the nation that afforded me the opportunities I would have never had where I was born (the former USSR). You’re a complete, drooling, ignorant cretin if you think I joined the military to kill people. You, who grew up here, spoiled with all the freedoms and opportunities you take for granted, have the goddamn nerve to tell ME that??? You’ve shown your disdain for the military, as well as a lack of understanding and respect for our military and what they do.

      When you’re raped or your family is savaged, and you’re unable to protect yourself, you come talk to me. You don’t understand the concept of rights. You don’t understand the principles of freedom. You simply don’t get it. Probably because you were born here and have enjoyed those rights from birth. You are clueless and sad.

      There were people who were rude from both sides there last night, and I would have preferred that didn’t happen. But there was also blatant misinformation put out last night, and it needed to be addressed. It’s not about who “won.” That’s a simplistic assessment, endemic to people like you who don’t understand what the hell they’re talking about.


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