Cuomo the Elitist Hypocrite Snake

Just weeks after ramming through a draconian, irresponsible, unconstitutional, morally reprehensible citizen disarmament bill – supposedly in response to the Sandy Hook Massacre – New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shows himself to be a hypocritical, unethical, corrupt elitist shitstain. After realizing that New York would lose oodles of Hollywood bucks and prestige thanks to this law that would prohibit hypocritical celebricunts from filming in the state and making millions from glorifying violence, while superciliously promoting gun control with arrogant public service announcements, Cuomo announces plans to modify New York’s decimation of individual rights to exempt Hollyweird from the law, thereby allowing them to make movies there and bring in tax revenue and prestige.

“We spend a lot of money in the state bringing movie production here, post production here. So obviously we would want to facilitate that,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo said the prop firearms used in films would probably not be classified as an assault weapon.

“But people want certainty and there’s no reason not to make a change like that,” the governor added. “Apparently, they have blanks or they have phony magazines or something.”

Now this is interesting. Not only is Cuomo shoving his tongue deep up Hollywood’s collective rectum, and giving the rich and famous special treatment and exemptions from the law a la David Gregory, but let’s not forget that many of these same celebritards would be prohibited from possessing or using firearms, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were rich and famous.

Mark Wahlberg: was a drug addict yy age 13.  Committed numerous racist attacks, including harassing a group of black school children on a field trip by throwing rocks and shouting racial epithets and assaulting a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and beating the crap out of him with a large wooden stick (while calling him “Vietnam fucking shit”). He also attacked another Vietnamese man, leaving him permanently blind in one eye. For these crimes, Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to assault, and was sentenced to two years in state prison at Boston’s Deer Island House of Correction, of which he served 45 days.  In another incident, the 21-year-old Wahlberg fractured the jaw of a neighbor in an unprovoked attack.

Real sweetheart, right? And yet, how many different weapons did he use in how many different violent movies?

And in how many different movies did Nick Nolte star and wield and shoot firearms without a second thought to his drug issues and convictions?

As talented an actor as Robert Downey Jr. is, how many movies featured him wielding all sorts of firearms? But who can forget the incident in 1996 when he was arrested for driving drunk and possessing of cocaine, heroin, crack and a Magnum revolver. And subsequent drug arrests?

The list is long and distinguished: William Baldwin (of the Baldwintard fame) – the auto thief, Mickey Rourke, the spouse abuser, Wesley Snipes, the tax evader, Eminem… All talented people who would likely fail a background check, but seem to always wield some kind of firearm in some kind of movie with impunity.

Meanwhile, good people, veterans, active duty troops and others have their lives ruined by continued infringements on the right to keep and bear arms by the likes of Cuomo, who are gaining political capital by imposing odious gun control laws and arrogantly turning innocent people into potential prey, as if they gave a rat’s ass about potential victims, even as they exempt Hollyweird – even the violent scum that happens to be famous – from the same laws that destroy the lives and livelihoods of innocent people.


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  1. cuomo and bloomberg. 2 of the most corrupt politions in the country. they should both be thrown out of office. better yet thrown out of the country.


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