Dear Lakesha Thompson

When your piece of shit brother-in-law, with a criminal record as long and varied as the list of Paris Hilton’s lovers, comes crawling through a window of a home that does not belong to him, expect that motherfucker to get capped.

No warning. No courtesy. One shot. One kill.

An elderly man shot and killed a would-be burglar inside his Oak Cliff home.

Police say the homeowner saw Deyfon Pipkins, 33, trying to climb into the window and fired his weapon at least once at the intruder.


After police notified relatives of Pipkins’ death, some showed up at the house. They were upset, and questioned the homeowner’s actions.

“He could have used a warning,” Lakesha Thompson, Pipkins’ sister-in-law, said. “He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and he would use it in self-defense.”

The entitlement mentality of these animals is beyond appalling!

Pipkins was breaking into a home that did not belong to him. He has a lengthy criminal record. He is a thieving thug, who thinks he’s entitled to the property of others, because he wants it.

And in the meantime, this Lakesha Thompson twat shows up at this elderly gentleman’s house and demands additional consideration in the form of a warning?

How does one get this stupid? How does one get this arrogant? How does one develop this mentality that one is owed something by others – whether by theft or by the courtesy of giving a potential killer a warning so he can get safely away?

It galls me to no end that this defective, cretinous cuntwart had the balls to show up at this gentleman’s home making demands! It doesn’t occur to her that her brother-in-law did not deserve the courtesy of a warning. Her sense of entitlement tells her that even though Pipkins was a criminal thug, he somehow DESERVED a chance to get away – and maybe victimize others.

In the meantime, this case is being referred to a Grand Jury? What is there to even deliberate?


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  1. “What is there to even deliberate?”

    Seems that the gentleman’s home had been the target of prior break-ins. If he had shot one of those previous burglars dead, then maybe that would have been the “warning” that Lakesha insists her b-i-l was entitled to receive.

    Maybe the man should be fined for not giving Deyfon his “warning.”


    1. Maybe she should be bitch slapped for being an ignorant cunt.


  2. Years ago, when I was a cop, I built a case against a young man whose mother owned a local pawn shop. He was selling pot out of his house and the traffic all night long was attracting the neighbors’ attention. When we busted him and took him to jail, his mother stormed in and demanded to know why I didn’t TELL her that we were investigating her son! The basis for her demand was that I stopped in weekly to pick up the police department’s copy of the pawn tickets issued that week so we could compare them against theft reports and therefore we were acquainted. It’s amazing how “entitled” some people can be, but it’s not a new phenomenon.


  3. “cretinous cuntwart” – God, Nicki, I love your prose…


    1. šŸ˜€

      But apparently I cuss too much and use OFFENSIVE language, according to some. And that drives readers away!



  4. When I read your ‘colorful’ descriptive language, it takes me to a ‘special’ place. I think you need to step up the ‘offensive’ Nicki, or I may just stop reading your blog (entitlement), and enlist the help of the local SEIU chapter to protest you as well. šŸ˜‰


  5. Niki .. tell US what you really think … šŸ˜‰


  6. In the dark of night, without anything but a gun, there is no other method to deal with an intruder that is so bat-shit crazy they would dare crawl into a window, in an attempt to rob, or kill.

    A grand jury that indicts should be forced to be terrorized by criminals for a few weeks.

    As far as the family: they are not worthy of being part of a decent society and should be banished to an isolated island with a machete and one gallon of water.


    1. I’d agree if you’d take away the machete and the water.


      1. Wood chipper! The lot of them! They will make great fertilizer.


  7. Were these poor,grieving, human beans to trespass upon my property and did refuse to leave upon polite request, they would learn the taste of wasp spray followed by pepperspray. Of course the PO leece would have been notified of the trespass prior to the administration of these defensive actions…….


  8. Maybe Lakesha will climb in a window early some morning to talk with the home owner.

    Remember, friends, every time ejected brass hits the ground, another gun-bigot gets a migraine.


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