Guns Save Lives – Gun Laws Ruin Them

Every day we see and hear stories about how law-abiding citizens protect themselves and their lives with firearms. Guns are an inescapable fact of our existence – tools we use in combat – tools we use to defend ourselves and our loved ones – tools we use to protect our nation and our rights from violence.

It also seems like every day, we have hoplophobic douchenozzles making bigger efforts to ruin our lives with more gun control – in the name of the childrens, of course – using Sandy Hook as an excuse to push their unconstitutional, authoritarian agendas.

Why do I say “ruin our lives?”

Because it’s true, and its being done very deliberately.  Lives are being ruined, and I get the feeling that it is being done to set an example… to discourage opposition… and to eventually quell dissent and the will to fight.

Remember the story of David Gregory and SPC Adam Meckler? Both “guilty” of the same “crime.” But Meckler was arrested, cuffed, prosecuted, and ultimately forced to accept a plea bargain that will likely impact the rest of his life in order to avoid a lengthy and expensive court battle. Meanwhile media maggot Gregory walked away with nary a warning because he’s buds with some important folks.

Remember the story of Nathan Haddad? He is the military veteran who was arrested in New York for possession of some standard rifle magazines. He is a dad, a vet, a volunteer and a peaceful member of society. Been wondering what happened to him?

Emily Miller reports Haddad has been offered a “deal.”

The district attorney for Jefferson County, N.Y., offered Sgt. Haddad, now a civilian employee at Fort Drum, N.Y., a deal that would require him to plead guilty to five Class A misdemeanors to avoid going to jail. Sgt. Haddad has several weeks to decide whether to go to trial.

My first reaction was that I’m going to still be branded as a criminal and probably lose my job,” he told The Washington Times. “The military doesn’t consider a 30-round magazine a weapons system — it is just a component of a weapons system.”

Quite the “deal,” eh? Scum like Gregory get to walk around without even a slap on the wrist, even getting to interview the President, while honorable veterans who have served their country get to walk away with criminal records.

Worse yet, Haddad is being ruined financially.

Since his arrest, Sgt. Haddad has sold all his property, including his AR-15 rifle, to pay his lawyer. His New York state permit to carry a gun was taken away, and the sheriff’s office confiscated his pistols. His brother, Michael Haddad, has started a legal-defense fund.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to the swine in charge in New York. In their zeal to destroy the will of the people to fight, they destroy lives.

My theory is that this is precisely their goal:  to quell the desire of the populace to oppose these draconian measures – to force people to think twice before standing up to them – to crush the will to resist. After all, if your job, your clearance and your property are at stake, how willing would you be to sacrifice them all for your rights? If you see the “privileged” being treated with more deference than ordinary citizens, watch helplessly as innocent people are ruined, while entitled swine get to interview POTUS, how willing would you be to take on the system? The tyrannical swine are betting on your unwillingness, and they’re making examples of stellar individuals while giving a wink and a nod to maggots like David Gregory.

Just my thoughts.


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  1. Please see for a summary of under-reported stories of guns used in self-defense.


  2. Where are all these “volunteer” groups paid with our donations to defend just such cases as these? For that matter, where’s the ACLU? Where’s the so-called “Innocence Project?” This guy should NEVER have been forced to sell a single thing to defend himself against these charges…not a single thing.


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  4. I agree 100%! Fuck these gun-banning, life-ruining elitist swine!


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