RLC National: Wrong On Immigration

A couple weeks back, I laid out my vision on the immigration issue. No amnesty, border security, one set of rules for everyone. Pretty straightforward stuff, even mostly endorsing a plan put forward by a Republican Liberty Caucus national board member.

Sadly, RLC National has gone ahead and released a plan that panders to Hispanics and apologists for illegals, with a supporting op-ed in the Examiner by RLC National Chairman Dave Nalle. I should point out that this is likely the only significant national issue where I disagree with Dave; however, this issue is very significant. I will urge the RLCVA state board to oppose this plan.

Amnesty now will be like the 1986 amnesty times ten, and there still won’t be any border security. We’ve seen this movie before. Washington will spend more energy coming up with a hundred excuses why they can’t secure the border than it would take to actually do so. No amnesty. If you’re illegal, go home and go to the back of the line, whether you entered illegally or overstayed a visa. No whining, no excuses.

2 responses

  1. The RLC statement doesn’t endorse Amnesty, which is basically useless as an immigration policy. And it’s based on polling of hundreds of RLC members, prioritizing their top concerns. Most importantly it uses the free market to address immigration concerns, which is essential because government imposed solutions have been demonstrated not to work.


    1. I think pandering to certain voter blocs is a mistake, not insisting illegals go home to apply for any sort of permanent status is an amnesty (and pretty much kicks sand in the face of everybody following the law) and border security has to come first. Other than that, I’m on board with the Alghawi plan. I’ll agree we need to streamline the process to apply for entry, but there’s no assumptive right of entry.


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