Pete Snyder Is A Fraud


“Oh, hi, here I am with my completely apolitical spouse, being a big political outsider!”

I’ve gotten the “plastic” vibe from him ever since he first came to speak to the Arlington County Republican Committee last year, after he was made the titular head of the RPV Victory operations by Mitt Romney and Bob McDonnell. But ‘Lovettsville Lady’ over at Virginia Virtucon has done some digging and exposed Pete. Not only is his campaign being run by a bunch of former Bill Bolling staffers like Marissa Pugmire, but he’s being bankrolled by out-of-state donors, one of whom is a former major Democrat donor. Even better, apparently he’s married to the deputy COS for Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri. Yes, the same establishment GOP hack Roy Blunt who, while in House ‘leadership’, arm-twisted good conservatives into supporting big government Bush garbage like “No Child Left Behind” and the bogus Medicare drug boondoggle. Well done, Ma’am.

Pete Snyder is far from the ‘outsider’ he claims to be. He will not be getting my vote for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, or for any other office, ever. You’re excused, Pete. “Bring the heat” back to the finance industry at Disruptor Capital.


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  1. Lovettsville Lady

    Thank you! You are a terrific writer.


    1. Thanks for getting to the bottom of all that! I should point out that this really Nicki’s blog; I moved over from Northern Virginia Conservative since she got more hits anyway. 🙂 So most of what you’ll find here is her work.


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