My gorgeous new gun belt

When Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks emailed me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d like to review his new line of belts, I jumped at the chance. If you remember, Dennis crafted my awesome holster for Watson, my M1911. The holster is now part of my regular casual wardrobe, but my belts generally sagged and bent under Watson’s weight.

Enter THIS gorgeous thing!


I received it in the mail a couple of weeks ago, but held off reviewing it until I got just the right buckle. Celtic. I haz it.


Now I have a belt, a holster, a Celtic belt buckle, and Watson. The ensemble is complete.

When I first pulled the belt out of its box, I was struck by how solid it was. Rob held it for a moment, and said, “Holy shit! That feels like something a cop would wear!” It is strong and smooth, and for a moment I was slightly worried about comfort.

How can something this hard be comfortable?

I have now learned never to doubt Dennis. This thing is so smooth and comfy, I want to wear it butt naked to bed! (How’s THAT for an endorsement?)

It’s wonderful! It does not bend. It does not sag. It sits snug against my body without jabbing or poking me. It’s quality craftsmanship through and through.

I can’t say enough about Dennis’ work!

Yes, it took a little time to find the perfect buckle, but the wait was well worth it.

And Watson appreciates it too!



9 responses

  1. It’s not an endorsement until there’s pics of you wearing it butt naked to bed…


  2. “How can something this hard be comfortable?”

    (That’s what SHE said. LOL)


    1. You’re a bad lady! LOL!!!!!


  3. That 1911 sure looks familiar…and happy.


    1. It sure does! 🙂


  4. O.K., do you wear that holster cross-draw, or the belt-buckle to the rear? Inquireing minds…


    1. Strategic positioning for the photo. Wanted the buckle and the handle of the pistol facing me. I am a left handed shot, so if I cross drew, that’s how it would be.


  5. Shiny!! LOVE the buckle!


  6. Considering a belt’s purpose is to hold things where they belong — if you wear this belt to bed buck naked, what is the belt holding up? (Besides Watson)


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