How to Tell You’re Having a Really Bad Day (UPDATED)

Get taxes done. Be happy you’re getting refund. Find out you’re not getting squat until the IRS tells you you’re getting your refund, because they’re “not ready” for your return. (Next time you owe the IRS money, try that excuse. Tell them they’re not getting their money until you are ready. See reaction in the form of penalties and fees.)

Realize that even though you spent more than 12 percent of your gross income on both yours and kids’ medical expenses last year, you’ll get a better refund if you don’t itemize.

Take Teeny’s car for a state inspection. Be told that in order to pass, it needs $1200 worth of work.

Car is worth $2000

Be happy you’re getting loaner car for free until you realize it’s a queer Prius. Thankfully not in powder blue.

Get to work (late) after leaving Teeny’s car at the dealership. No parking to be had. Anywhere. Park a mile away. Walk to office. In heels. Twist ankle. Twice.

And it’s not even noon yet.

UPDATE: Afternoon is not much better.

You leave late, because the hated PowerPoint presentation you’re working on with your partner is STILL not done thanks to computer issues.

You walk out to begin the trek to the queer Prius and you discover it’s raining. You have no umbrella.

You spend an hour in traffic, because DC residents lose the ability to reason, drive and function when moisture falls from the sky.

You get home and realize you need to go back out to pick up your dog’s Heartguard medicine. You hit every red light on the way to the vet. You drop $98 on 6 months’ worth of meds!!!!

And you realize that your tiny little 4 cylinder Nissan Versa has more pick-up than the queer Prius you have to drive to work tomorrow.

That’s how you know you’ve had a bad day.


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  1. Please have a better day ..


    1. Thanks! I’m trying. 🙂


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