Thank You, Olympic Arms

Just saw this on Facebook, and wanted to share. Apparently, Olympic Arms has decided that since New York has passed its onerous, unconstitutional, rights-destroying gun ban, their “authorities” no longer need to be purchasing their equipment from Olympic Arms.

Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity – will no longer be served as customers.

In short, Olympic Arms will no longer be doing business with the State of New York or any governmental entity or employee of such governmental entity within the State of New York – henceforth and until such legislation is repealed, and an apology made to the good people of the State of New York and the American people.

If the leaders of the State of New York are willing to limit the right of the free and law abiding citizens of New York to arm themselves as they see fit under the Rights enumerate to all citizens of the United State through the Second Amendment, we feel as though the legislators and government entities within the State of New York should have to abide by the same restrictions.

I wonder what would happen if every firearms dealer adopted the same policy. I wonder what would happen if every single firearms dealer simply refused to sell their products to any federal, state or local governments.

I’d love to see it happen!

A big thank you to Olympic Arms president Brian Schuetz for taking action to protect our rights, especially as the politicians are trying to put economic pressure on banks to stop doing business with firearms dealers. I can only hope that others will follow suit.


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  1. Well this seems to be a trend, LaRue Tactical did this last week and Barret years ago with CA and it seems to be spreading. Maybe this will wind up being tike that outdoor show in Harrisburg, we can hope.


    1. I can only hope so! If all American gun manufacturers simply stopped dealing with government as a customer on ANY level, I think it might make a difference.


  2. I can’t blame them-as Mark LaRue pointed out in his letter, abuse of 2nd Amendment rights and protecting the company from litigation due to an error. I think many other manufacturers will follow as it makes sense from several standpoints. The risk of prosecution, cost to cater to a small business segment and, most importantly, not marketing to entities involved with or supporting abuse of the 2nd Amendment.


  3. […] other day I thanked Olympic Arms for taking a principled stand for our Second Amendment rights and telling New York to get bent […]


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