Nevada School District Triples Down on the Kind of Stupid You Want to Kill With Fire

Imagine this:

You have a son. Your son is an honor student and a senior in high school. Your son is involved with Scouting, Civil Air Patrol and your state’s National Guard.

Would you be proud of your boy?

I certainly would be!


Your son posts photos of himself on his Facebook page wearing military clothes, and other pictures depicting himself involved in air show activities, Civil Air Patrol, etc.

Would you find these photos questionable? Weird? Disturbing? Upsetting?

I certainly wouldn’t.

But apparently, panty-shitting Clark County School District, NV school administrators and even some sniveling students found this young man’s photos disturbing enough to not only report their “concerns” to his parents, but also to the police.

Was he aware, the father was asked, of the content on the student’s Facebook page? Certain other students had become frightened, said the dean, upon seeing pictures of the young soldier wearing military clothes, plus another picture of the youth, as a 14-year-old, three years earlier, holding a dummy rocket launcher at a public “Aviation Nation” event held at Nellis Air Force Base.

Yes, replied the father, he was entirely aware of the Facebook pictures and saw them as in no way inappropriate for a young soldier. The Facebook pictures, the father explained to Galindo, are related to his son’s National Guard activities, air-show enthusiasm and other civil service endeavors — including Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol.

“Our son is an active member of the Army National Guard,” explains the father. “He takes pictures of himself in foxholes, with tanks, wearing military gear and things of that nature.”

In what world do these ignorami live?

What kind of doofi would soil their depends over a student who has committed himself to service to his country?

Not just the school administrators… not just some whining, cowardly, perpetually offended students… but the police, who apparently drooled in dismay at the thought of a young man making a commitment to support and defend the very rights upon which they were taking a rather large, steamy dump.

NWCTA’s principal, Kimberly Bauman, unexpectedly interrupted the student’s third period class and pulled him out, taking the student’s backpack as they exited the classroom. Two school police officers were waiting in the hallway.

Assuming this was about his Facebook page, the young man took out his military ID to show the officers and Bauman that he really was in the Army National Guard.

CCSD police officers immediately confiscated the ID card.

As the foursome continued across campus, the student asked to call his parents and talk to a lawyer. “I also asked if they had a warrant, since they took my backpack,” he told Nevada Journal.

“We will talk about this when we get where we are going,” one of the officers replied, says the student.

However, as he tells it, they never did.

Instead, once behind closed doors in Bauman’s office, says the student, Bauman emptied his backpack onto the floor — without a warrant or consent — and, as CCSD police looked on, rifled through his binders and other personal effects.

This is not the first time – more like the 5,731, 945, 051st – that a student’s rights were violated for no reason, and a young person was bullied, frightened, punished, suspended and even prevented from graduating, because some quivering school administrator soiled him or herself at the thought of a young person responsibly using a firearm, posting a photo on their laptop, bringing a photo of their sibling in uniform or wearing a shirt with a photo of the Marine Corps mascot, using the name “Hunter,” because it somehow implies firearm use, or even using fingers to mimic a firing gun. But this particular youngster was detained for several hours. Why?

Because of someone he may have perhaps known.

Steven Fernandes, according to an October Las Vegas Review-Journal report, had been the subject of court papers filed by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Nicholas Dickinson and Patrick Walsh. The court documents said the FBI had an email from Fernandes, a recent Northwest Career-Tech graduate, in which he described himself as the commanding officer of the “327th Nevada Militia,” an urban survivalist unit with six or seven members. Also, according to federal authorities, Fernandes had stockpiled guns and explosives and spoken about staging mass casualty attacks.

According to the police report filled out by Hall following the arrest of one Jake Benton Howell, when CCSD officers asked Principal Bauman the morning of Dec. 21 for a list of known Fernandes associates at the school, she had included on her list the name of the senior honors student.

But the National Guard student says he only knew of Steven Fernandes because they were in the same program area the prior year, but had never spoken with him.

The whole incident was dubious and questionable in nature, and the student’s parents weren’t contacted for three hours after their son was detained.

I know I should stop being surprised at the continued bovine excrement that mimics our public education, but as things get more absurd, my amazement grows.

As our children grow up to be coddled, swaddled, insulated and entitled…

…they become adults – school administrators – who are cowardly, feeble and completely incapable of making a routine, rational decision without consulting a rulebook or calling the “authorities” to take the responsibility of making decisions out of their soft, flaccid little paws.

As parents squeal like spoiled swine every time their precious punkin gets disciplined, or gets his widdle feewings hurted with criticism of his efforts marked in red pen on his barely literate essay, or loses a game and doesn’t get a participation trophy…

…their crotchfruit grow up to be entitled, arrogant, sniveling, cowardly and unable to cope.

This is what we are raising, people!

Isn’t it time we did something about it?



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  1. I’ve already had two sons graduate high school, thankfully without incident. I also have a 4 year old which we’ve decided to home school in light of the current agendas schools have. We teach our kids about guns at a young age, which is what we’re supposed to do, right? WE teach our kids about guns from the perspective of law abiding citizens, we don’t demonize them because we see guns for what they are, tools for hunting, sport, and self defense. Then they go to school and everything we teach our kids is contradicted, confusing them. Teachers need to stick to the 3 R’s and leave their opinions at home.
    I would imagine these people have grounds for a lawsuit, while i know most in government today could care less about our constitutional right, they exist and are not to be ignored.


  2. “The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” -Ayn Rand


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