Dear Virginia’s 11th District,

You have elected a moron.

Rep. Gerald Connolly, a Democratic congressman from Virginia, has argued to his constituents that Americans shouldn’t be allowed to wield Stinger missiles “capable of downing commercial aircraft” even though such weapons are already illegal.

“I have been accused of trying to dismantle the Second Amendment for simply asking whether high-powered, military-style semi-automatic firearms with large-capacity magazines — which were used in the D.C. sniper murders, the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, and the mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown — should be readily available to the general public,” Connolly wrote in a letter recently disseminated to constituents concerned about gun rights.

“Or for wondering whether the Second Amendment applies to weapons such as the FIM-92 Stinger missile launcher, a personal portable infrared homing surface-to-air missile platform capable of downing commercial aircraft.”

A Stinger missile launcher is already considered a banned “destructive device” under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

You could have had Ken Vaughn, who understands the intent of the Second Amendment. But instead you chose a moderate RINO in the primary, and ultimately, a pathetic loser who has no understanding of the Constitution.

It’s instructive how Connolly invokes weapons favored by terrorists in his argument that Americans should be deprived of their rights.

It’s also instructive how he attempts to invoke fear by drawing a disingenuous comparison between a fairly common semi-automatic rifle used by such “dangerous” people as the kid who used an AR15 to protect his sister, the shop owners in LA who used these weapons do defend life and property during the Rodney King riots and property owners who used them to fend off looters after Hurricane Andrew.

Countless lives and millions of dollars in property have been protected by Americans with so-called “assault” weapons, but Gerry Connolly would rather compare these courageous Americans to terrorists in his zeal to justify his complete disregard for Americans’ fundamental rights and the Constitution he took and oath to support and defend.

I would laugh and say, “you deserve this, because you voted for it” – but unfortunately your poor decisionmaking affects the rest of us. Your stupid choices affect my rights.

May you be damned for it.

8 responses

  1. Connelly? RINO? I wish! That would move him right of his current position.


    1. No. Connelly was a democrat. Mr. Vaughn’s opponent in the primary was a RINO supported by the establishment.


  2. Nicki,

    You KNOW I didn’t vote for him!


    1. For Connelly? Of course not!


  3. You also know that Ken didn’t have a prayer in the 11th district.


    1. Karen, I think you’re wrong here. Running a moderate establishment republican against Connelly was a much sillier move than was running a true conservative. We had to run someone completely different in order to have a chance.


  4. Something I don’t think you realize, Nicki: The GOP did not even help Chris Perkins until he won the primary to be able to run on the GOP ticket. That was entirely in the voters’ hands. The 11th District voters picked chris over Ken as their candidate with little, if any help from the 11th District Republican Party. And even after he won the primary, there was an expectation of some help from the party. What help there was from the party came at the 11th hour. They were all laissez faire throughout most of Perkins’ campaign until some PACs started to notice him sometime around mid October. The paerty did jack squat for him even as they poached his volunteer base.


  5. Well as a resident in the 11th, I am leery of who will be picked to run against Connolly in the next election. There are a few true conservatives left here that could make a run for that seat, but most don’t want the headache. I know I’m tired of him though…


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