Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire

My friend Rob (not the boyfriend) is a committed protector of our civil liberties, our constitutional principles and our founding ideals. If you haven’t given his blog a read, you should.

Rob has brought my attention to a very worthwhile project that deserves your support.

The tragic massacre of little children at Sandy Hook has galvanized those whose mission was to relieve us of our freedoms like no other event in recent memory, with politicians and media whores like maggot David Gregory and clueless, petty ingrate Piers Morgan leading the attack.

Kris Koenig and Anita Ingrao have decided to fight back.

California gun owners felt the usual media-whoring assault from their legislators last year. That was when Kris Koenig started a movie project called “Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire”. Kris Koenig and Anita Ingrao recorded over 50 interviews from coast to coast as they documented the dangers of California’s crazy firearms laws.

The project is incredibly worthwhile.

No one thinks of gun rights as civil rights. When we talk of our rights and freedoms vis-a-vis gun rights, people roll their eyes. They don’t think about the right to defend yourself against assailants. They don’t think of the right to defend your life and property against those who would do you harm. They don’t think that tyrants disarm the populace for a reason. They don’t think about these things, because everything they learned in school and in life tells them that it can’t happen here – that we were founded as a free nation, and a free nation we will remain. It’s just not in their way of thinking. When we speak of tyranny, they snicker as if we’re paranoid – as if it couldn’t happen – not here – not ever. It’s not the way we’re taught to think, as we wave our flags on Independence Day.

Well, maybe it’s time to change our thought process.

I’ve updated the link to the latest trailer. Enjoy!

The project is a terrific start, and I would urge every one of my readers to support it by giving as much as you can. I know times are hard, and many of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck. I know it’s hard to make ends meet. I’m struggling every day. But if you have anything at all, please consider going here and donating a few bucks to this very worthwhile cause.

It’s more important than I can possibly say to start changing America’s way of thinking about gun rights.

Tyranny. We should never forget it and never ignore the fact that it’s possible.

Even here.


4 responses

  1. Already gave $100 to this.

    I’ll give more next month. Thank you for the reminder.


    1. I’m giving as soon as I get paid again.



  2. The Kickstarter period ends Sunday Feb 17, 2:59am EST. It will fail if we hesitate.


    1. So get moving, folks!


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