What Are We Defending Here?

I have this buddy. He’s one of the coolest Army officers I know. He doesn’t give a shit if I curse, he prays for me, he accepts me with all my faults, and he loves me even though I’m an atheist. My buddy is a chaplain. We disagree on many things, including faith and certain aspects of social conservatism, but we are respectful toward one another, and fundamentally, we hold the same values.

My buddy was asked to do an invocation at a African American History Month event recently. As far as invocations go, this one was beautiful, and I’ve had to sit through some doozies, where, by the time the rambling was done, I had taken a nap, written a blog entry and untangled string theory.  My friend’s invocation was clear, concise and poignant. It respected and recognized the pain and suffering of African Americans through the years, and also paid homage to the beauty that is this nation and the progress we have made in race relations.

“Eternal god, we celebrate America. Though many of African descent draw their family tree to slavery, it is in America that they became free again. Though many black Americans suffered the scourge of discrimination, it is in America that they won equality.  And though many artists, actors, statesmen and women, and athletes faced the poison of racism, it is in America that they were able to express their souls freely. So God who saves us all, who made is equal in your eye, we pause to thank you for them, and most especially this blessed land, America. For its in the Name of your Son that we pray, Amen.”

I’m someone who doesn’t even believe there is a God, and doesn’t pray, and I still say it’s a beautiful prayer! But apparently it just wasn’t enough for the unit commander. So this O-6 came up to the podium after my friend finished the invocation and proceeded to essentially contradict what he said with vague claims of racism and accusations of insufficient progress. She said that America was still a place where discrimination was sadly commonplace, that we had a “long way to go,” and that we are still a nation where overt racism still exists. It was quite clear what this… officer was doing and why.

Without current strife, there’s nothing to fight for.

Without accusations of continued racism and discrimination, there is nothing to overcome.

It’s no longer interesting. It’s no longer dramatic. So she created drama, where beauty and poignancy took place.

Can anyone tell me WHAT. THE. FLYING. FESTERING. FUCK???

We are a nation that elected an African American man to the White House – not once, but twice! We may vehemently disagree with him and even dislike him, but the majority of this nation elected him. And she has the balls to call us racist?

We are a nation that protects the rights of African Americans – and everyone else – to publish their thoughts – their poetry and prose, create art, both visual and aural, to achieve, to excel at sports, music, cinema, philosophy, science and politics…

We are the home of Hank Aaron, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, Langston Hughes, Denzel Washington, the late, great Gregory Hines, Lena Horne, Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Booker T. Washington and so many others!

We are a nation that saw the ascent of Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell to some of the highest ranks in government and of Clarence Thomas to the highest court in the land.

And all this African American achievement came only several decades after Jim Crow… after discrimination… and a relatively short time after slavery ended.

We have made tremendous progress in a relatively short time. We serve alongside one another in the armed forces and work side-by-side in the civilian world.

And yet, this pathetic drama queen had the nerve to belittle this progress… to minimize our achievements… to disparage this country as racist and evil in order to promote African American victimhood!

My friend won’t say this, but I will!

You are a commissioned officer in the United States Army. You have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and bear true faith and allegiance to the same. If you believe this nation is filled with evil racist scum, what the flying fuck are you doing in the Army defending it? If we are so evil… so discriminatory… so horrible, why the hell are you here? Why are you serving a nation you believe to be so insidious?

You belittle the gigantic strides America has made toward equality and justice, and you promote black people as victims.

You destroy the beauty of a prayer that recognizes the abominable past and exhilarates a glorious future.

You deride a nation that strives to protect the rights of all people, and promotes equal opportunities for all.

Why the hell should I trust you to be an officer in my armed forces?

And does anyone other than me find it ridiculous that a woman who has made it to the rank of O-6 in the military, and is presiding over African American history month, celebrating the achievements of African Americans, is whining about racism?

Sure, there are some racist scumbags out there. They exist, and it’s unfortunate. But racism is no longer part of this nation’s fabric. It’s more like the fringe.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back for my friend. “This is not the America I know, nor will I fight for it,” he told me in an email. “And if this is the standard of America’s commissioned officers, it is time for me to retire from active service and join hands with my sisters and brothers of all races to restore a vision of America where true liberty, equality, and justice for all exists.”

I can’t blame him. Any military that promotes drama queens who advocate victimhood instead of achievement and wretched martyrdom as virtue, instead of accomplishment and victory is doomed to death by political correctness. And good officers such as my friend will leave in droves, making room for the whining, entitled, perpetually offended.

I can only hope that this… officer… this pathetic, whimpering, whining thing leaves my Army and fades into obscurity where she belongs. The Army doesn’t need people like her, and neither do African Americans. She’s not an advocate for them, she’s an excuse-making dolt.

And we all know the maximum effective range of an excuse.


7 responses

  1. It is now official policy that America is racist. Why, you must be a racist too if you didn’t read the report.


    1. Apparently, I’m not important enough to have gotten the memo. :\


  2. Racism is alive and well in America .. Anglo’s just aren’t the one’s promoting it


    1. We have a WINNER!! DING DING DING!!


  3. Racism died a long time ago in the United States. Why anyone would want to wear the putrid carcass and demand we recognize their folly is beyond me.


  4. Hear ye! Hear ye! As a black woman I am embarrassed for her. Therefore – I hereby ban that dumb-ass woman to the back porch of society to shuck some corn since she thinks things are so horrible! Maybe then she will be happy…that is all! *Puts away race card*


    1. You said “porch!” RACIST! 😉


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