Rove Declares War on Americans

Whether you agree with the Tea Party or not…

Whether you like what far right conservatives stand for or not…

Whether you agree with the liberty-wing of the GOP or not…

You cannot deny that these are Americans – grassroots voters who are dissatisfied with the Republican party, and who are demanding a change.

Well, according to the Republican establishment, these people’s voices don’t matter, and if they don’t march in lockstep with the Republican Old Guard, screw them.

I told you this a few weeks ago, when I cited an article showing the GOP’s war on its own voters.

As seen from the halls of power, the problem is that Republican voters think it’s OK to replace incumbent senators and congressman who don’t represent the views of their constituents. In 2012, for example, Republican voters in Indiana dumped longtime Sen. Richard Lugar in a primary battle.

This infuriated establishment Republicans for two reasons. First, because they liked Lugar and the way he worked. Second, because the replacement candidate was flawed and allowed Democrats to win what should have been a safe Republican seat.

So, according to Politico, the Washington team is gearing up a new effort to protect incumbents and limit the ability of Republican voters to successfully challenge establishment candidates.

Want to see what their “new effort” looks like?

It looks like this arrogant fatass.

Hi, I'm Karl Rove, and you don't count.

Hi, I’m Karl Rove, and you don’t count.

The biggest donors in the Republican Party are financing a new group to recruit seasoned candidates and protect Senate incumbents from challenges by far-right conservatives and Tea Party enthusiasts who Republican leaders worry could complicate the party’s efforts to win control of the Senate.

The group, the Conservative Victory Project, is intended to counter other organizations that have helped defeat establishment Republican candidates over the last two election cycles. It is the most robust attempt yet by Republicans to impose a new sense of discipline on the party, particularly in primary races.

Conservative? If these people are conservative, then I’m a beaver in swimming trunks! Establishment Republicans are anything but conservative. They’ve entrenched themselves in the seats of power by spending other people’s money on Congressional pork meant to keep them right where they are by those who like to vote themselves free crap at others’ expense. The name of the group is deceptive, meant to add “conservative” credibility to a big-government agenda.

“There is a broad concern about having blown a significant number of races because the wrong candidates were selected,” said Steven J. Law, the president of American Crossroads, the “super PAC” creating the new project. “We don’t view ourselves as being in the incumbent protection business, but we want to pick the most conservative candidate who can win.”

“Wrong candidates.” Wrong, according to whom, pray tell? The grassroots conservatives obviously don’t want the incumbents, who have grown so accustomed to “politics as usual,” that they have forgotten whom they represent and why they’re in Washington in the first place, but apparently it’s the big money supporters who get to decide who’s right?

The Conservative Victory Project, which is backed by Karl Rove and his allies who built American Crossroads into the largest Republican super PAC of the 2012 election cycle, will start by intensely vetting prospective contenders for Congressional races to try to weed out candidates who are seen as too flawed to win general elections.

“Too flawed,” according to whom? Why is it up to Rove to decide who gets to run, and not the people? Why is retaining a Congressional or Senate seat – even if the ass that retains it happens to be a RINO that does not reflect the views of the people – more important than placing a representative in office who actually represents the people?

Sure, you will occasionally get the Todd Akin-type retard, who tanks the GOP’s chances at victory, but you may also get political superstars like Ted Cruz.

The grassroots spoke up and also gave us Justin Amash, Rand Paul and Pat Toomey, even as the establishment tried to protect their RINO buddies and spewed nothing but hate toward these guys, because they wouldn’t toe the party line.

And what did they give us? Arlen Specter (how did that work out for you, GOP?).  They also spent a buttload of money on Romney, whom they groomed and prepped even before he announced his run for the presidency.

And the establishment brought us No Child Left Behind Alone, TARP, Medicare Part D, the GM Bailout, etc. etc. etc.

But we’re supposed to support them anyway? We’re supposed to give the GOP our vote, because somehow things will be worse if Democrats gain those seats? We’re supposed to believe that a testicle-less squish in Washington is better than a Democrat, as long as it has an “R” next to its name?

No. That’s not going to happen.

More and more honest GOP voters are turning away from the GOP, and if the Republican Party thinks it can bully them back into the fold, I think it’s in for a rude awakening.

There are enough people that have had it with the establishment – with those whose main concern is their own power – with those whose main goal is to compromise away good economic sense and individual liberties, just so they can say their own petty tyranny got “bipartisan support.”

The people rejected “The Maverick.” And they rejected Romney. They rejected the Bush big-government, big-spending, “compassionate” conservatism so fully, that they voted in a snobby, inexperienced, partisan, Marxist just to avoid another Bush!

And these buffoons want to foist yet more of the same on us?

No thanks!

They don’t want to shrink government. They want to control it.

They don’t want to serve the people. They want to gain power at the people’s expense.

They don’t care about the Constitution, America, rule of law or any values that make this nation great. They care about gaining control and keeping it.

If this is where the morally corrupt, power-hungry GOP is headed, no thanks. I’ll pass.



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  1. Nicki – remember all that crap I was trying to tell you before the election? I’m done spouting crap. Please forgive me.


    1. LOL.

      I do love ya!


    2. Welcome aboard, Karen. 🙂


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