Oh NOEZ! A Gun!

I bring you Zero Tolerance Sense stupidity, pt. 566,274,658,254…

High school student issued laptop.

Puts a picture – a PICTURE – of an AK on top of a flag as his wallpaper.

Teacher sees said wallpaper, shits pants, turns in student.

Since the laptop belongs to the school, the district policy states students are prohibited from “sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures,” and cannot access, send, create or forward pictures that are considered “harassing, threatening, or illegal.”

So apparently a photo – this photo – is somehow dangerous, threatening, harassing and illegal… as well as offensive.


The photo shows no violence. No threat. Nothing. It shows the firearm on top of a flag.

And apparently, this student, who wants to join the military when he gets out of publik skool, was initially suspended for three days thanks to the panty-soiling teacher who turned him in.

Luckily, the kid’s father wouldn’t stand for this moronic behavior, and his son has now returned to school.

But the point remains. Schools are graduating barely literate kids who don’t even have basic math and science skills.

Apparently many schools now prohibit the use of red pens when teachers are marking papers, because it will make precious snowflakes feel bad about themselves if they see too much red on the paper.

And instead of focusing on the basics, this idiot who shouldn’t be allowed even approach children with an open mouth, and whose maw should be duct taped shut before it says anything mind-bogglingly stupid, has turned in what appears to be a good kid for having a picture of a gun on his laptop.

Brave, new schools.

I may not be smart enough to homeschool my kidlets, but I am smart enough to keep track of what they are learning, and explain things to them if I feel their classes are leading them astray.

How many parents out there are willing to even do that much?


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  1. What this appears to be is public schools have now become gun re-education.camps. In fifty years America has gone from a nation where all young boys played with toy soldiers and guns, to a nation that has shamed and emasculated young men who even think of a gun.


  2. We’ve got to watch those clowns in the schools. Next thing you know, a student will be suspended for having copies of the Second Amendment in their possession.

    Semper Vigilo!


  3. I may not be smart enough to homeschool my kidlets…

    Excuse me? You’re smarter than many of the teachers I had, and likely 98% of the mental and moral defectives installed in teaching positions today.

    Who in this crumbling nation is more qualified to attempt to educate the next generation in its rebuilding? A patriot with common sense, or a barely literate drone with a ‘_____ Studies’ degree? A teacher of values, or a sharer of feelings?

    You sell yourself far short, ma’am.


    1. I’m smart about some things. But I could never teach them math or science. I’ve never been any good at that. And they need that.


  4. […] administrator soiled him or herself at the thought of a young person responsibly using a firearm, posting a photo on their laptop, bringing a photo of their sibling in uniform or wearing a shirt with a photo of the Marine Corps […]


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