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I’m not a big fan of chicken, but I will admit to having had a weakness for Buffalo Wild Wings. I love the sauce selection, and their buffalo chips are a serious guilty pleasure.

When we lived in Winchester, I used to open carry to B-dubs, and no one had a problem with it. There were no signs posted banning firearms, and we had a great time eating and playing trivia. It was one of my favorite places.

Not any longer.

It’s unfortunate, but it seems the restaurant has banned firearms on its premises. Law-abiding citizens who choose to exercise their rights are no longer welcome there.

Like the author of the above-linked piece, I’m sad the restaurant made this decision. I hate to take my business elsewhere, but that is exactly what I will do.

My rights are more important to me than BWW’s chicken wings and buffalo chips, and I will let BWW know about my decision and the reason for it.

I understand that living here in Arlington, not a whole lot of folks will follow my example. I realize that in this blue commie-topia there aren’t enough gun owners to make a difference in the business of Buffalo Wild Wings. They will operate as usual, and taking my business elsewhere won’t make a difference.

In a perfect world, scores of gun owners would simply boycott Buffalo Wild Wings and have a massive impact on their business. But this is not a perfect world, and we need to remember that BWW has every right to ban anything its management seems right on its premises. It is their restaurant. It is their property. It is their right.

And maybe right now there aren’t enough gun owners out here to make a difference, but the least we can do is ensure our money goes to an establishment that respects our rights.

The least we can do is spend our money in a place that doesn’t seek to make us defenseless on its premises.

And the least we can do is assert our rights in the face of those who refuse to acknowledge we have any.

So, yes. Buffalo Wild Wings has every right to ban guns on its premises. And yes, you have every right to take your business elsewhere and let them know why.

But unlike he entitled asstards who pressured unethical legislators to prevent Chick-Fil-A from opening restaurants in leftist holes like Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, we gun owners understand the meaning of property rights and free markets, and we respect them. We don’t attempt to interfere with the business, rudely berate its employees or use political pressure to destroy it.

Because unlike people who have no respect for the right to self defense, we have respect for property and the property owner’s decisions regarding said property.

We respect rights. They destroy them.

As for me and Rob, I’m sure the Greene Turtle two doors down will appreciate our business.


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  1. I feel your pain. I came to same decision, but cannot find anywhere else that has those Caribbean Jerk Wings that taste as good. I will have to go without 😦


  2. Thank you for the update. I try to avoid free fire zones and entities that support them. Ironic they don’t hesitate to to take my money while prohibiting my right to protect myself and my family.


  3. Just make sure you email them a copy of the receipt, and an explaination, each and every time you go to a competing business when you would have otherwise attended BWW. They’ll get the message pretty quickly….


  4. I wonder if Buffalo Wild Wings invites tragedy by adding themselves to the list if “gun-free zones” like schools and post offices that homicidal maniacs almost always prefer. Just prior to the Aurora Colorado movie shooting, some friends and I took our kids to the movies. All 3 adults (including one Mom) were CCW armed, and I can only think if some of those victims in Aurora were armed the lunatic might have been dodging return fire instead of murdering people. Wild Wings is OK, but from now on I’ll take my business elsewhere.


    1. I’m waiting on a lawsuit brought by someone whose family members were injured or worse by an armed thug who decides to ignore the posted sign.


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