Our Own Little “Fast and Furious”

For those of you who have been following the continuing saga of Joe “thumb on the trigger of rifle” Morrissey, more and more interesting facts are coming out. Apparently Morrissey’s little attention whoring stunt on the House floor has backfired, with some unwanted information coming to light.

We already know that the violent thug was disbarred in 1999 for threatening to kill a man, and nearly doing so – with his own bare “assault hands.”

But DC Caller reminds us that this assmonkey was denied a law license in Australia after having been disbarred in the US and lying about it.

Nicholas Cowdery, then the director of public prosecutions for New South Wales, told The Sydney Morning Herald in a front-page article that “Appropriate inquiries were made before [Mr Morrissey] was engaged and … [his] disbarments were not reported.”

In an affidavit to the New South Wales Supreme Court, Tedeschi would later write that Morrissey gave him “some vague reason[s] about wanting to do other things and see the world” instead of remaining in the U.S. “On no occasion did he mention to me that he had been disbarred in the United States.”


But it gets even worse than that, boys and girls. The DC Caller also reports that Joey “Thumbs” Morrissey also apparently “lost or misplaced” two of four of those scary “assault” weapons, one of which – an Uzi submachine gun – somehow wound up in the greedy little paws of an arrested heroin dealer.

That gun, along with two other semiautomatic weapons — a TEC-9 capable of firing 72 rounds without reloading, and another unspecified rifle — were among four weapons Morrissey used as props when he discussed drugs and violence at schools, and during civic meetings.

The suspected drug dealer “was arrested in Richmond … and the gentleman had a storage locker rented to himself in Chesterfield County,” State Police Special Agent Anita Derby told the Times-Dispatch then. “A search warrant was conducted on the storage locker and that’s where the gun was found.”

The Uzi and the TEC-9 disappeared after police loaned them to Morrissey in May 1991. He said in 1994 that the firearms had been missing since at least December 1992,when Virginia Department of Forensic Science director Paul Ferrara asked for their safe return.


So Thumbs borrows four assault rifles from State Police, apparently in order to warn children of the dangers of these evil weapons, and somehow wound up equipping drug dealers instead.

Thumbs claims the weapons were stolen from his office, but apparently, he never reported them missing.


Sound familiar? **cough**FastandFurious**cough**

So while Thumbs is trying to disarm the law abiding citizens of Virginia, he’s apparently equipping the criminals.

And we won’t even start on the corruption charges, where Morrissey was accused of allowing a rapist’s father to pay $50,000 — half to the victim and half to a list of charities Morrissey chose — in exchange for reducing the criminal charge to a misdemeanor. And those “charities?” According to press, they were churches in African-American communities where Morrissey was trying to build up support.

This guy is an embarrassment to Virginia and a disgusting example of corruption and thuggery


5 responses

  1. Wow.

    Why isn’t he being prosecuted by State Police for these felonies?


    1. Well, he was prosecuted for assault, and was guilty. Somehow he wiggled his way out of bribery charges. I’m still floored about the whole “missing weapons” thing!


  2. He also ‘lost’ $5000 that he ‘had collected after hours’ and was taking home with him to keep safe until the following business day.

    He had his law ‘license’ taken for 11 years, I believe.

    And after all the stuff you mention as well, which many of us are aware of with this d-bag, he is allowed back into a position of power, as a Delegate.

    I would have to assume that somewhere along the way, he has made a few ‘connections’.

    Any regular ‘Joe’ would be wearing jailhouse orange still. Not serving as a Delegate. This guy belongs in Chicago.


  3. This is toooo goood not to repost Nicki. Maybe this guy hasn’t come to the realization yet that he is in the wrong state. He needs to move to Noo Yawk or Noo Joisey will he will fit in better.


    1. He’s Chicago all the way!


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