Chris Christie – reprehensible hypocrite

I have no idea why the Republican establishment kisses this fat bag of fug’s massive rump. He was pretty good when he took on the union thugs, but other than that, the donut-felching swine is is about as big a RINO as you will find.

Cap and trade? He’s all about that!

He’s crappy on guns and supports the assault weapons ban, refuses to support the right of law-abiding New Jersey citizens to carry their tools of self defense concealed, and took forever to pardon a guy whose only crime was transporting his property – his guns – unloaded and locked in the trunk of his car, and who was sentenced to seven years in prison for that “heinous crime.”

He’s horrible on illegal immigration, and his petulant whining and petty threats to Congress to give him his goddamn money for Sandy relief, regardless of the fact that the bill was laden with Congressional pork at a time when we are battling record debt levels really made me want to cock punch him.

Now, this opprobrious libtard is criticizing the NRA for this ad:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie slammed the National Rifle Association’s latest adin which they accuse President Barack Obama of hypocrisy for sending his children to a school where they are protected by armed guards. Christie called the ad “reprehensible” and said that the NRA should not be “dragging people’s children” into the gun control debate.

“Don’t be dragging people’s children into this,” he added. “It’s wrong and I think it demeans them and it makes them less of a valid trusted source of information on the real issues that confront this debate.”

So apparently it’s OK for the President to drag out other people’s kids as props for his gun control agenda – as backdrops for his efforts to relieve you of your rights – but when the NRA mentions the hypocrisy of trying to disarm law-abiding citizens, preventing them from adequately protecting their children, while sending your own children to schools with armed guards, and being protected by armed men paid for by the same taxpayers whom he’s trying to disarmed, that’s “reprehensible.”

Apparently, it’s also OK to exploit the murder of children for political gains. I see Christie says nothing about that, because he supports those gains.

But mention political hypocrisy in an ad, and all bets are off!

That double standard is as big as Chris Christie’s ass!

You want reprehensible?





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