Rick Scott – Jackass of the Century

I don’t give a flying rat’s fuck what kind of politician Florida Governor Rick Scott is. He has lost any credibility with me as a person.

The Daily Mail reports that after making a big deal out of adopting a gorgeous Labrador and asking constituents to help name the newest member of his family, whom he named Reagan (could you get any more cheesy as you kiss the asses of your constituents?) he RETURNED the dog shortly after he was inaugurated. Gave him back! Just like that.

The Republican governor only had the dog, Reagan, for the duration of his gubernatorial campaign, and gave the retriever back after he was sworn into office.


However, reporters from the Tampa Bay Times noticed that Reagan had not been seen since Scott’s 2011 inauguration. 

After some digging, the reporters realized there were no photos of Reagan since before the election. Images  of the dog had been removed from Scott’s gubernatorial campaign website as well.


The governor said that Reagan ‘scared the living daylights’ out of everyone living at his Tallahassee mansion and that it wasn’t working out.

The dog, he said, would not stop barking if he saw a person carrying something.

You know how I feel about rescue dogs. My own sweet, beautiful Tucker is a rescue, who has become an integral part of the family, all 175 drooling, shedding, farting, loving pounds of him. Other than my poor, late Gilbert, every dog I’ve had has been a rescue, as are my kitties.  Some of these gorgeous animals have suffered unimaginable abuse, and finding a good home with good people who will care for them and love them is the equivalent of heaven! So to send them back to a place where they may be destroyed if they aren’t adopted or worse, neglected and ignored, is beyond cruel.

A barking Lab scares the daylights out of people? Really? The Governor must have some real cowards living in his neighborhood. Labradors are generally some of the nicest, sweetest animals on the planet! I know. I’ve had several.  A barking issue is a behavioral problem that is pretty easily fixed. Are you really telling us that you couldn’t take the time to work with the “newest member” of your family and devote a little time to train him?

Pathetic! Really.

I haven’t seen reports that Reagan was in any way violent or dangerous. Just loud. And for that, Rick Scott booted him out.

Rick Scott may be a competent politician, but he’s a lousy human being.

Tucker does not approve.



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  1. Neither do I. Nor do Kodiak, Sophie, Sasha and MisChief. Boo!! Hiss!


  2. I like dogs, and my wife is a diehard dog lover. The reason we have no dog at this time (nor any other pets for that matter) is that currently, our respective schedules do not afford us the ability to give the animals the love, attention and care they need.

    As my brother has observed in connection with his own pet ownership experiences, a significant part of successfully integrating a dog into the family is not so much training the dog’s behavior, but training the people to understand the dog’s natural behavioral patterns and act accordingly.

    I do not approve, my wife does not approve, and her dogs from her childhood, if they were still here, would not approve all the more.


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