Jerrold Nadler: Petty Tyrant Who Thinks He Knows What You Need

We should be used to idiotic and opportunistic statements from Jerrold Nadler. He’s the repugnant sack of fetid effluvia that advised Barack Obama to EXPLOIT the deaths of innocent children at Sandy Hook in order to push his political agenda.

He’s also one of the economically inept jackasses who has been promoting the minting of a trillion dollar coin as a way of solving our debt issues – a move so stupid, even the hobo who begs for money under the overpass wonders how the hell someone this idiotic could be in Washington making laws, while he, the hobo, who understands just how moronic this idea is, is collecting coins in a tin cup with a sign that says, “WILL WORK FOR FOOD.”

Nadler’s latest bit of retardery is once again related to guns. Reacting to today’s passage of draconian gun control laws in New York, this festering yambag saw it fit to pontificate on how many rounds you, the citizen who elected him and is the source of his authority, need for self defense.

Hunters don’t use large ammunition clips, and as far as self defense, I mean who are you defending yourself against? If you’re defending yourself against a robber…if you have a pistol permit or you’re carrying a gun because you work for Wells Fargo  and you’re taking money in and out of a bank or something, two or three or four shots should be enough—period.

This pathetic, pasty, porcine prick is not just clueless about the intent and purpose of the Second Amendment, but he presumes to tell you how you should defend yourself and how many rounds is enough in your magazine.


I wonder what he would say to the mother of twins in Georgia who shot a home invader five times with her revolver, and yet he was still alive. “Sorry, ma’am – three to four rounds is all you get to protect your precious children. If you can’t stop this thug with them, I guess you’re shit out of luck. Shield your children with your body and hope he doesn’t decide to rape you and then them before he ends your pathetic lives. Why? Because I’m Jerry Nadler, and I’m a fucknozzle of enormous proportions.”

I wonder what Fat Bastard would say to the 15 year old boy who defended himself and his sister with one of those scary “assault rifles” that make Jerrold Nader crap his frilly, pink panties. “Sorry kid. You and the 12 year old girl – you just needed to sit still and allow these home invaders to take whatever they wanted, and maybe if you were lucky, they wouldn’t violate your kid sister. You don’t need that assault weapon. Why? Because I’m Jerry Nadler, and I’m a fucknozzle of enormous proportions.”

You know what? The assholes of New York get what they deserve. They elected Andrew “No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer” Cuomo. They elected this distended dumbshit. They allowed this to happen. Now live with the consequences, sheep.

And when you start bleating that you are defenseless against the armed thugs among you …

When you whine this isn’t what you wanted when you cast ballots for these authoritarian swine…

When you cry for the state to protect you as you sit in your smoke-free apartment, sipping on your 6 oz. diet soda and stuffing your maw with your low-sodium, trans fat-free meal…

The rest of us will laugh at you.

At least I will.


3 responses

  1. Nicki, they are telling us to gun up. Step up to 30 cal rifles and stop using solid nose jacketed bullets. I did that in California because they won’t let us carry more than 10 in a magazine. Perfect for the 1911.

    Did they mention shotguns?


  2. I was thumbing through Websters Dictionary this a.m. and lo and behold ; the new definition of douche-bag has Nad – lesses picture as the definition . Imagine that !!!

    You gotta love that picture of of that blow-hard . Looks like one of them hot – air balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade ready to explode . I thought the people of N.Y. were supposed to be so god-damn smart ! Why do they keep sending this p.o.s. back to congress ? Guess ya’ll ain’t as smart as you think you are .


  3. It’s all for our own good huh? Step 97 in taking down America.


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