It’s Not Who You Are…

…it’s whom you know.

And media maggot David Gregory apparently knows the right people.

See, the DC Attorney General’s decision not to prosecute Gregory had nothing to do with public safety, as Irvin Nathan claims, and everything to do with the fact that their families run in the same circles.

It further undermines public confidence in such decisions to find out that Nathan knew Gregory and his wife, high-powered attorney Beth Wilkinson.

Anne dug up the connection in which in 2011 Nathan and Wilkinson participated together in a charity mock trial for the Washington, D.C. Shakespeare Theatre Company…


Aren’t Irv and Beth precious together?

So yeah… All this pablum about prosecution of the obviously criminal Gregory not being in the public interest is crap. It’s simply not in the interest of the obviously corrupt and hypocritical DC Attorney General to prosecute his buddy.

The DC Attorney General, the police “investigating” this crime and the city’s entire “justice” system have lost whatever credibility and legitimacy they may have had.

When you treat military veterans like criminals for forgetting a few rounds of ammo in their bags, while ignoring the same crime committed by the elite, you know the city has sunk into the mire of corruption that is salvageable only by the removal off every single public official involved in this mess.

DC is the capital of the United States. This nation, that was once described as a shining city upon a hill, is turning into a cesspool.

I mourn my nation. I miss her more than I can say.


5 responses

  1. I beg to differ. It is already a cesspool.


    1. It’s just getting worse. I’m disgusted and sad.


  2. I’ll differ with LC Aggie, in that DC used to be a swamp, and it still is.


  3. It’s not who you know , it’s who you blow . Gregory didn’t get them round lips from eating square meals .


  4. […] yet, unlike media maggot David Gregory, this military veteran will be treated like nothing but a common criminal for mere possession of […]


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