Gun Trumps Cattle Prod

This Ain’t Hell reports that some dipshit in Florida nearly got ventilated by a gun-wielding clerk whom he tried to rob, and who really didn’t need to carry concealed, and didn’t really need a gun, because guns do more harm than good, and Piers Morgan says it’s stupid and a lie to claim that guns somehow prevent crime.

But if a thug is armed with a cattle prod and continuously shocks you, no one can blame you for getting pissed off and pulling a gun on the thug.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office says 26-year-old Lance Tomberlin went into a store just outside Tallahassee on January 2, produced the cattle prod and demanded money from the clerk. Officials say he shocked the clerk several times before the clerk pulled a handgun.

You know the rest. Thug realized that cattle prod will not trump handgun. Thug ran away from the clerk and the handgun he didn’t need. Thug got apprehended.



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  1. Clerk should have made thug look like a piece Swiss cheese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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