Associated Press Hysterical Hoplophobic Fear-Mongering

Why is it that a news wire cannot simply report the news, but rather engages in such utter drooling histrionics, that the “news” story becomes more of a quivering editorial than a news report?

For example: The AP’s histrionic attempt at fomenting urgency and fear through a report on the administration’s potential use of Executive Orders to circumvent the legislature and violate people’s constitutional rights. (No, this is not a news report. This is my blog, and I can take license with the language as much as I want.)

Vice President Joe Biden vowed urgent action against gun violence in America Wednesday, pledging steps by the Obama administration that he said could “take thousands of people out of harm’s way” and improve the safety of millions more.

Well, I claim that pigs can fly and that Biden likes to sniff cat ass on the weekends, but that doesn’t make it a fact.

But here are some facts you may not already know, and which the AP will not highlight, because it does not conform to the standard party line of “Thousands of men, women and children are getting killed by evil guns every day, so we must ban them now.”

  • Firearms crime, as well as violent crime not committed with guns has been on the decline, and is half of what it was in the early 1990s, despite the expiration of the Clinton gun ban.
  • There has been NO increase in mass shootings in recent years, despite the terror of last year’s movie theater and Sandy Hook massacres.
  • During the past 20 years, the victimization rate per 1,000 students dropped from 53 to 14, so America’s schools are actually becoming more safe.
  • Assault weapons bans are ineffective bullshit, but that’s common knowledge that has been examined over and over again.
  • And despite the drop in violent crime, gun ownership is on the rise.

But a day ahead of a meeting with the National Rifle Association, which has sunk past gun control efforts and is opposing any new ones, Biden signaled that the administration is mindful of political realities that could imperil sweeping gun control legislation, and is willing to settle for something less. He said the administration is considering its own executive action as well as measures by Congress, but he didn’t offer specifics.

Fact: The NRA has supported plenty of gun control, and is very proud of that fact. But don’t let that stop the hysterical demonizing of an organization that has a membership of millions of gun owners – innocent Americans, who do not commit crimes and are in no way a threat to anyone’s safety or security. Also, I’m going to translate Biden-speak for you now. Biden signaled that the administration is mindful of political realities that could imperil sweeping gun control legislation, and is willing to settle for something less. He said the administration is considering its own executive action as well as measures by Congress, but he didn’t offer specifics = Congress will pass a watered down version of what Barack and I want to see, which is total civilian disarmament for purposes other than hunting, because that’s what the Second Amendment is really about, but we’ll avoid all that mess with some executive orders.

Shortly after last month’s slaughter of schoolchildren at Newtown, Conn., President Barack Obama tasked Biden with heading a commission to come up with recommendations on gun policy by the end of this month. Obama supports steps including reinstating a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines and closing loopholes that allow many gun buyers to avoid background checks.

Of course, the AP has no way of actually supporting this with any kind of objective evidence. The “loopholes” they refer to are all the ways criminals can violate the law, and do so on a regular basis – straw purchases, theft, black market guns, etc. No current data is available on JUST how many gun owners purchase guns without background checks, but Bureau of Justice Statistics data from 1997 confirms that more than 80 percent of criminals simply borrow, steal, buy on the black market or use straw purchases to get firearms with which to commit crimes. This, of course, has nothing to do with lawful citizens making legal purchases, but don’t let that stop you, AP.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says that some 40 percent of gun sales are made without background checks, such as at gun shows and over the Internet.

The Brady Campaign is, of course, merely quoting Michael Bloomberg, who, between banning salt and large soft drinks, has pulled gun purchase data out of his asshole that makes even PolitiFact wary.

Mayor Bloomberg said 40 percent of gun sales take place through gun shows or the Internet.

The best information on the informal gun market is based on a survey and is about 15 years old. Current regulations don’t allow direct tallies of sales of this sort. An undercover investigation found a great deal of internet activity, but it was sponsored by a mayor who seeks greater regulation. Groups opposed to greater regulation were asked to rebut the mayor’s assertion and did not respond.

Here’s what we do know.

About half of gun dealers at gun shows don’t sell guns at all. The number of individuals selling a gun or two is pretty small, and most are FFLs who are required to perform background checks at gun shows and everywhere else. This would explain why less than 2 percent of criminals got firearms at gun shows, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The ATF presence is pretty ubiquitous, and I would imagine it would discourage criminals from prancing up to a table and grabbing a gun without a check.

The tragedy in Newtown, in which 20 young children and six adults were gunned down by a man with a military-style semiautomatic rifle, has prodded the administration to act.

Military-style. If by that, the AP means black and scary, yes.  If you mean one pull of the trigger fires one lightweight, small caliber round that is used for varmint hunting… then shut the hell up.

The NRA meets with Uncle Joe today. Let’s hope the leadership doesn’t allow hysterical fear-mongering to rule the day and capitulates on silly shit just because it’s afraid to be painted as heartless and unfeeling when it comes to the murder of children.


6 responses

  1. I would rather take my chances on some random whack job shooting me than allow the whack jobs in Washington DC disarm our entire country.


  2. I agree with Klasko. And I don’t even own a gun.


  3. Biden sniffs cat ass on the weekends! LMFAO!


  4. Looks like the NRA told Uncle Joe to pound sand, and there heading to congress to do some serious arm twisting. That and in an act of return fire someone (I don’t remember who) filed a bill to repeal all federal gun free zones. Interesting times!


  5. This has nothing to do with gun control and everything to do with people control . Everywhere gun control / gun registration / gun confiscation ( the old slippery slope ) has been implemented , a horrific loss of life has eventually ensued . Germany , Russia , China , etc.

    Kinda hard to shove the the N.W.O. down the throats of your citizens when they have about 250,000,000 guns aiming at the gov’t .

    Only thing is if they do not get ” something ” passed this time ; i’d hate like hell to see the effects of the next false flag . They are getting desperate and I would not put ANYTHING past that piece of shit in the W.H.

    As a side note . Going back to the next false flag . It will have to be something of magnitude compared to the so- called Sandy Hook shootings . Must get the emotions REALLY flowing . Here’s 3 questions to ponder :

    1) Why is Barry selling his home in Chicago and moving the family to Hawaii ?
    2) Why is his presidential library going to be located in Hawaii ?
    3) Why did that piece of shit Emanuel leave a cushy job as chief of staff to become Mayor of a totally corrupt city ? ( keep in mind that he has dual citizenship , u.s. / Israel and has been implicated as being a Mossad agent ) His family heritage is rather interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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