Another Publisher Who Demonizes and Endangers Gun Owners (UPDATED)

Apparently Gawker editor John Cook has decided to wage war on NYC gun owners, so he’s hypocritically using the First Amendment to demonize Americans who choose to exercise their rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Cook wrote in an article titled “Here Is a List of All the A—holes Who Own Guns in New York City” that he obtained the 446-page list in 2010 after a Freedom of Information Law request, for work on a different story. Cook did not publish the full list at that time but used it to report other stories about prominent gun owners


Gawker Media LLC has only one key executive listed. That would be Andrew Gorenstein, the Chief Advertising Officer. He used to be the Executive Director of Sales at Conde Nast.

Here’s his photo from his LinkedIn profile.


Now, I won’t post the address here, but does list an Andrew Gorenstein who is just the right age (graduated Boston University in 1997) in Tenafly, NJ.

Gawker’s other sites include Deadspin, Jezebel, Kotaku, io9 and Jalopnik.

You might want to NOT visit those.

UPDATE: Here are the rest of the shitbags who help make Gawker possible. White Pages is your friend.


3 responses

  1. These scumbag leftists want full on war; But only because they think they will win


  2. I don’t know about endangering gun-owners , but I guaran-damn tee ya he’s endangering the gun-owners next door neighbors ; as in a GUN-FREE ZONE . Much like a movie theater or an elementary school………….


  3. This poor tortured soul is now receiving threats of death or bodily harm..Oh nthe humanity….I wouldn’t be worried too much bout those but he may not realize that there are nutty people out there who go after those who expose themselves to public view and there are rifles bullets that can reach out several blocks. Maybe he should be looking over his shoulder…


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