American journalists and academics lie about guns

After the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Ezra Klein came out with hoplophobic tripe to promote his gun control views. I fisked the column at the time, hoping to dispel some misleading and downright biased claims.

I thought I had done a decent enough job, but this guy… He slams a home run so beautiful, that it can only be described as a full-on intellectual throat punch not just to Klein, but also to the “academic” he cites in a portion of another article that deals with Switzerland and Israel’s gun culture. An academic who is either incompetent or outright dishonest. Read the piece and decide for yourselves whether Dr. Janet Rosenbaum is a liar or a hack.

By your own admission your conclusions about Swiss firearms law are based on your own translation of the French and German versions of the “Bundesgesetz über Waffen, Waffenzubehör und Munition” (“Swiss Federal Law on Weapons, Weapon Accessories and Ammunition”), which your research cites repeatedly. Based on the conclusions you arrive at in your research it seems apparent that your foreign language skills leave much to be desired.


Almost nothing at all that you claim as fact about Swiss firearms law is true. Literally, no material point you have been making in public (3 month permit renewals, proof of “need” requirements to purchase firearms) in support of the premise that Swiss firearms regulation is “strict gun control” is correct.


In fact, despite your absurd claims that ownership of firearms in Switzerland is “rare,” the same data shows that Swiss civilians are better armed than the populations of Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Kosovo, Angola, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Libya, Mexico, Guatemala, South Africa, Pakistan, Jordan, Brazil, Nicaragua, Iran, El Salvador, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, the Ivory Coast, Liberia, Laos, Chad, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Perhaps now is a good moment to remind you once again that you cite the same report from which these figures are drawn repeatedly in your research?

Of course, it is habit among lazy scholars to attribute high rates of private ownership of firearms in Switzerland to the “militia.” Unfortunately for those who argue this point, it is demonstrably false.

Admittedly, it is often difficult to get a handle on the total number of privately held firearms in Switzerland. This is because not all firearms have to be registered here.

I’m trying to figure out what kind of intellectual dishonesty, lack of integrity or just plain laziness and incompetence could explain this.

Are gun grabbers so desperate they must resort to false claims, fabrications and distortions to promote their agenda?

I have friends and family members with whom I grew up and went to school, who not only believe the media’s outright lies and the false equivalencies, poor research and biased studies promoted by today’s academics – people like Rosenbaum, Hemenway, Miller and Kellerman – but they spew said lies and discrepancies as justifications for relieving ME of my rights.

And they use tragedy, blood, graphic violence and emotional manipulation to promote their agenda.

To them I say: family and friends – I love you and cherish you. I would protect you from violence with my very life if I had to. But you are wrong. Dead wrong. Your views are wrong, based on faulty premises and hysterical rhetoric promoted by the media and their academic whores. I don’t hate you. I love you. But I hate what you stand for, and I will debate, explain and cajole to allow you to see just how wrong you really are.

And I will fight you and your pet politicians and their thugs with everything I have.

So if you think you have the guys and endurance to fight this fight, go for it.


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  1. The leftist “intellectuals” frequently ignore or distort facts that conflict with their world view. For instance, shootings and armed robberies have skyrocketed in Great Britain after they banned all handguns and most rifles. This has been reported in the British press often enough, but the Government doesn’t see it that way. They’ve began lumping crimes together, so that a dozen burglaries over the course of a weekend would be reported as “One burglary with twelve victims.” Looking at Sandy Hook from the British viewpoint, we would have “One murder with 26 victims.”

    Also, how many times have we read that “Only in America” do mass shootings happen. In point of fact, only one of the five worst mass shootings happened in the United States (Virginia Tech).


  2. In reference to the paragraph about Switzerland , am I mistaken or is it true that their citizens can have full-auto weapons without going through the anal-exam you would in the U.S.?

    That’s one reason they are left alone . The other is that’s where all the Illuminati’s banksters keep their money . Gee , what a surprise !!!


  3. Are gun grabbers so desperate they must resort to false claims, fabrications and distortions to promote their agenda?

    Darlin’, PLEASE tell me that was a rhetorical question. I know you know the sorry and disgusting answer, right?


    1. Yes. I know. 🙂


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