Some animals are more equal than others

Emily Miller reports on two “criminal” cases.

Scumbag news turd David Gregory:

“Investigated” for possession of a high-capacity magazine in Washington, DC.

Employer asked for permission to display said high-capacity magazine in David Gregory’s segment on gun control.

Permission denied by DC and its draconian enforcers.

Knew exactly what law he was violating when he started waving the magazine around during his Meet the Press segment.

Has not been arrested, and we don’t even know if the turd was interviewed in connection with this incident.

Granted an interview with the President, despite being under investigation by DC police.

SPC Adam Meckler:

Handcuffed, arrested and jailed in DC for having a few rounds of ammunition in his bag.

Did not know it was illegal to possess unregistered ammunition in the city.

Charged with a crime and forced to accept a plea bargain to avoid a protracted legal battle.

Army medic and combat veteran now has criminal record and placed on DC’s firearms offender registry like a common criminal.

News turd = privilege.

Combat veteran = time in the pokey.

Where’s the justice?


4 responses

  1. How do you know he’s a scumbag turd and not a turdish scumbag?


    1. Because I like the word “turd.” 🙂


  2. I think they have a term for this : ” selective prosecution ” if I’m not mistaken . So goes it , a person of the 4th. estate can commit a crime one week and yet be granted an interview w / P.O.T.U.S the next , while under so-called investigation by the D.C. police ……………………..

    But then again Barry had nothing to worry about with a bought and paid for media slave such as Gregory ……….and the rest of them as far as that goes !!!


  3. […] of the petty tyrants at DC’s Metro PD, and their resident tyrannical dominatrix police chief, arresting a military veteran for carrying some loose ammo in his bag and saddling him with a crimina…. He’s […]


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