Let the lawsuits begin

Looks like the pernicious rag the Journal Snooze is being sued. If you need a reminder, this is the fishwrap that saw it fit to bundle information about law-abiding gun owners into one pretty package for any sleaze, stalker, abusive ex or thief to peruse at their leisure.

First Impression LLC is a gift shop and interior design firm located in Katonah. They sued both The Journal News and its corporate parent Gannett Co. in Westchester County Court. In the Summons with Notice, the gift shop accuses the newspaper of “falsely…publicly stating in the interactive website that plaintiff First Impression LLC is a licensed handgun owner.” They are represented by McDermott and McDermott of Somers, N.Y. and claim to have lost business since the publishing of their company’s name on the map.

I guess we didn’t mention possible mistakes in publication that could impact a business or make an innocent someone who happens NOT to be a gun owner a target.

So now the rag is being sued.

Another report indicates that some kind of white powder was mailed to the newspaper’s offices. The powder was deemed safe, but their staff had to be evacuated, and now their mail will be screened. What a use of resources!

(By the way, I will say this: stop with the bullshit! There are other means of voicing your displeasure that don’t involve acts that closely resemble terrorism. Target advertisers. Publish readily-available information about the paper’s staff, much like they did with gun owners. But don’t make gun owners look like repugnant assholes by pulling this kind of stunt! It’s stupid.)

According to media reports, State Sen. Greg Ball, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell and Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant have announced that Putnam officials will not release the records of county pistol permits to this noxious rag.

And Rockland County legislators are planning to announce a resolution condemning publication of the gun information.

Yes, Journal News – NO ONE BLOODY LIKES YOU! You pulled a publicity stunt hoping to get more readership, and what you got is universal condemnation instead. You’re disgusting. You have exposed innocent people to possible burglaries and allowed abusive ex spouses, significant others and stalkers to find out where their victims are hiding.

My guess is you weren’t expecting the consequences. You slime thought it would be cool to be the first to push the names and addresses of innocent people out there, paint them as a potential threat and come out looking heroic.

Instead you came out looking like shitbags.

And here’s a note to the Evanston Patch: don’t do it.  The vast majority of your readers (93 percent, so far) have answered with a resounding “NO’ when you asked today whether you should publish gun owner information.  If you’re whoring for attention, try REAL journalism. Otherwise, be prepared to have the names and addresses of your entire staff splattered all over the Internet.


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  1. This irresponsible instigatory journalism is beginning to remind me of the 1951 film “Ace in the Hole” starring Kirk Douglas and Jan Sterling.
    [ ]
    And it would not surprise me in the least if things in real life deteriorate like they did for the Fourth Estate in that movie.


  2. Kudos to Putnam Co. and Rockland Co. for telling that bird-cage liner of a so-called newspaper to pound sand . The people who should really be suing the rag are the homeowners WITHOUT guns in the house because they have just become targets for the assholes of society .


  3. […] its readers about gun owners near them in the wake of Sandy Hook? You know how they’re getting sued by at least one of the gun owners it had on its list that turned out not to be a gun owner, but a […]


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