First retard of the year

Thought I’d give a shout out to Josh Kueffler, who is obviously confused. Very confused. He doesn’t know whether he’s Army or Air Force. He doesn’t know whether to wear a PT shirt under his ACUs or a tan T-shirt. And he’s apparently confused about how to wear his E-7 rank – rank he earned since he graduated high school…

…in 2011.

I first saw this idiot on Facebook after one of my friends posted a photo of this moron.


Apparently his chin pubes are within regs now – at least that’s what he seems to think. And mixing Air Force patched with Army ACUs – that’s classic.

And just look at all the cool baubles and bangles and ribbons and bows he earned!


I posted his info – along with hundreds of others – on the Stolen Valor Facebook page.

Not sure if he’s ridiculous enough to be a contender in This Ain’t Hell’s Ballduster McSoulpatch tournament, but he’s the first one of 2013, so he bears mentioning!


5 responses

  1. Methinks that he may be in the Secret Service!


    1. He may be in the Secret Cervix!


  2. I saw this kid in Iraq, he was the lead on General McSoulpatch’s PSD team.


  3. Gezz do these turds ever quit ?
    He must be one hell of an operator to get promoted so fast.


  4. Holy stuff…look…Yangtzee River Patrol… hes a real Old China Sailor


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