Year in Review – 2012 was… interesting

This year is about to end, and I’m not sure what to make of it. I still live in Arlington with Rob, Teeny and the Redhead. We still have two attention-whoring cats. We no longer have a hedgehog, but we do have a large, slobbering, farting dog!

I still love my job. I find it mentally challenging and stimulating. I love this house. I love my kids. I love Rob.  We have established a comfortable routine together. The kids adore Rob and think he’s the coolest thing since ice cream (ice cream they pilfer freely before he can grab some for himself). They have food fights at the table. They chase one another around the house and wrestle. They all make me smile.

I didn’t blog about guns too much in the beginning of the year. There were other things going on – primaries, in particular, occupied my time – mostly because I couldn’t believe the mass amount of stupid in the field of candidates we were forced to tolerate. To be sure, there were some things with which I agreed on all ends of the spectrum, but aside from Gary Johnson, I didn’t see anyone I could even remotely stomach in the White House. Our friend Ken Vaughn had decided to run for Congress, but in the end establishment “moderates” won out, and… well….

In February, we lost one of our own – Maj. Bob Marchanti, with whom I deployed to Kosovo in 2007, was killed in Afghanistan. I was filled with incredible rage for most of that month, and much of my writing reflected this anger that month. I look back on it now, and cringe a bit at how pissed off I was! This was exacerbated by fiscal issues, as I was trying to refinance the house – a most annoying and infuriating experience – and pay the bills, while my darling ex informed me that he was too poor to pay the bills he was required to pay by our divorce agreement, and asked me to take over those payments.

In March, I expended some electrons ridiculing the circus surrounding Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, in particular, the theatrics of the CBC and Frederica Wilson’s unbelievable choice in hats!

I turned 41 in April. Did you know that? I don’t feel old. I feel great.

In May, Rob and I went on our annual vacation to Las Vegas. We got much needed rest, and Gary Johnson got a much deserved presidential nomination from the Libertarian Party. WIN all around! Rob and I continued to point out why Ken Vaughn is a different candidate – a candidate Virginia’s 11th district should have voted for in the June primaries – but to no avail.

June primaries came and went. Establishment candidates swept on both sides of the political aisle. We had a huge storm that temporarily turned Arlington into a third world shithole and made the Redhead temporarily believe in the Zombie apocalypse.  June was the month I also installed a DONATE button. I hated to do that, but my bills were getting out of control, and my ex not only swindled me out of $7700, but also refused to help pay for his kids’ medical and dental expenses. Ya gotta love that!

July was awesome! In July we adopted Tucker – a big, drooling, slobbering, furry, loveable Teddy Bear of a Saint Bernard. He quickly became part of the family, and we quickly learned to leave the room whenever he passed gas. There was also a shooting in an Aurora, CO movie theater that set the wheels in motion for another assault weapons ban – because (SAY IT WITH ME!) we NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE! We also discovered that the media are assholes for trying their damnest to connect the Aurora slaughter to “right wing” violence and the TEA Party. OK – not really a revelation. More of a confirmation about what we already knew.

August was the month of election coverage, where frothing fundamentalist fruitcake Todd Akin tanked not only his candidacy, but also the candidacy of Richard Mourdock, who is also a social conservative, but not nearly as batshit crazy as Akin, who saw it fit to question the legitimacy of rape victims’ claims, because apparently, according to this renowned medical expert, the body has a way of rejecting babies conceived in situations of “legitimate rape.” Akin refused to go away, much like a bad case of the herp, which made Mourdock’s comments about pregnancy – even one that is a result of rape – being God’s will, sound much crazier than what it actually was.

The stupid came out really strong in September with Hollytwits initiating a campaign for the current president and Republicans wondering why a) they still can’t get anyone other than SOCONS and NEOCONS to get excited about their candidates, and why there were dancing vaginas at their August convention. In the meantime, our Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans got slaughtered in another September 11 terrorist attack that the administration claimed wasn’t really terrorism, but Muslim butthurt over some obscure movie that no one had ever heard of until a bunch of animals killed our Ambassador and the administration decided to blame the movie even though Libyans tagged this as terrorism like hours after it happened. Um.. yeah. Oh, and I did a CNN interview on current politics. That was fun.

October was… meh. The third debate between Obama and Romney was dull. I took a trip to Europe and somehow managed to avoid the Superstorm that pummeled the East Coast in which a tree apparently fell on our house, but managed to cause no damage whatsoever

We had Elections in November where President Obama won another term, and the Republicans were left scratching their heads about what went wrong. The CIA Director’s penis was in the news.  A lot.  And I discovered that no matter what I say or do, I’m a racist, because I don’t support the current administration’s policies. Oh well.

Now it’s December, and the worst, most hideous slaughter in recent history took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School . And as most of us grieved and wept, gun-grabbing assholes exploited the murder of children to push their political agendas.

So get ready for 2013, people! It’s going to be quite the ride!

Happy New Year!


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  1. You don’t feel old at 41, because it’s not old.


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