Dear Celebricunts!

Go fuck yourselves. With chainsaws.

You are hypocrites.

You have armed guards and gated communities.

You make millions from the same violence you claim to condemn.

You demand a “plan,” without having any concept of the history and fundamental ideals of this nation – without respecting the rights of individuals – without understanding what you demand.

The lot of you are stupid, ignorant, uninformed and pathetic.

You are opportunistic swine, using your celebrity, fortune and influence to encourage politicians to gain more power at everyone else’s expense.

You don’t understand what you are demanding, and you don’t care, because the lot of you are insulated, spoiled children.

When you stop making profits off violence, you can start talking about demanding a plan. But for now, you can just shut the fuck up.

The. End.



5 responses

  1. WOW!…uuuhh, I concur! Started a list of Follywoodites I’m personally boycotting a while back. No big deal, just my $10 or $20 spent elsewhere. Already dumped Harrison Ford for walking on a wife who stood by him when the best he could get was woodworking, Mr Gibson for well… being a closet alcoholic anti-semite homophodbic moron, and ALL the Bonds for their free anti-firearms advertising after making their “mark” with a license to kill… you nsaid it far better than I!


  2. “you are stupid, ignorant, uninformed and pathetic” and Arrogant!


  3. Yeah, what she said.


  4. They can ALL go piss up a rope.
    I have’nt been to a movie in 10 years, and i won’t spend a dime on ANYTHING Hollyweird…fuck em !

    The NRA needs to organize a boycott of these turds.


  5. […] one’s virginity. We’ve had a horde of celebutard hypocrites make ads encouraging you to demand gun control from your arrogant, entitled legislators, even as they make millions from violent movies where they […]


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