Cowards! The lot of you! (UPDATED!)

Scroll down for several updates.

First we hear about Dick’s sporting goods ceasing the sale of sporting rifles.

Then Cheaper Than Dirt got hammered on Facebook for their claim that they will be “reexamining” their sales policies in light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook, and after thousands upon thousands of promises from loyal customers to go elsewhere, they decided to resume sales.

Now Michigan’s governor decided to veto a concealed carry bill that he promised earlier to sign and that took a lot of effort to pass through the legislature.

And the NRA – they’re promising “…to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again.

We’re all heartbroken over the massacre. We’re all appalled by the actions of one mental case. And we all want to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Will someone please tell me how punishing millions of gun owners who DIDN’T kill anyone, harm anyone or commit any kind of crime with a firearm going to stop the nutcases from going on rampages?

Will someone please tell me how leaving thousands of people defenseless against armed thugs in Michigan will prevent another school tragedy?

Will someone please tell me how forcing law-abiding citizens to undergo mental evaluations before making a constitutionally-protected purchase will stop criminals, crazies and thugs from stealing firearms?

And finally, will someone please explain to me how banning firearms for their cosmetic features – perpetuating misinformation about what a semi-automatic weapon is  – or stopping sales of weapons that look scary, but are no more lethal than an average handgun – will prevent another massacre!

The only thing this does is show that there are way too many cowards who are afraid to stand on their principles in this country.

And that is pathetic.

UPDATE: I don’t say this lightly because Scott Brown is an honorable Soldier, but… from the land of Taxatwoshits comes this little bit that quotes Scott Brown as saying there should be “federal action” about “assault” weapons. What is really irritating is that Scott Brown ought to know better. He’s a Soldier. He should get the fact that the civilian version of military-style weapons are no different than any other semi-automatic. They don’t allow killing anything any faster than any pistol. One round is fired every time the trigger is pulled. ONE. And the differences are largely cosmetic. No, an military-style weapon won’t allow a crazed gunman to kill his victims any faster than any pistol. The bayonet lug and pistol grip and scary, black color are no more dangerous than anything else. And yet… the now largely irrelevant Scott Brown – beaten by Fauxcahontas Warren into obscurity in November – is now trying to low-crawl out of political obscurity with this dreck:

“What happened in Newtown where those children were subject to that level of violence is beyond my comprehension. As a state legislator in Massachusetts I supported an assault weapons ban thinking other states would follow suit. But unfortunately, they have not and innocent people are being killed,” Brown said. “As a result, I support a federal assault weapons ban, perhaps like the legislation we have in Massachusetts.”

OK, Colonel. You are now the enemy as well. You think joining leftarded asshats will revive your political career? Good luck. You WILL be opposed every step of the way. Might as well switch to the Democrat Party. No one wants you on our side.

UPDATE ZEE SECOND: Dimwit Virginia delegate will introduce an “assault” weapons ban.

The delegate said that semi-automatic/assault style weapons “have no place other than on the battlefield.” He also dismissed the claims that sportsmen need such weapons.

 “How is it ‘sport’ to go out and shoot Bambi using an assault rifle and accompanying 50 cartridge magazine?” said Morrissey.

Hey, douchebag! An AR uses .223 ammunition – good for shooting varmint. Most hunters don’t even think it’s good enough to shoot deer.


UPDATE ZEE THIRD: From the state that brought you the hanging chad comes a news piece that reports some Florida schools are banning backpacks. Yes. Bookbags.

No commentary needed from me.


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  1. Ben Everett (@benjammindeth)

    Punishing the rest of us: It’s about a total authoritarian tyranny takeover. See pretty much every other country on Earth.
    Thousands of defenseless people: Force the sheep to beg the State for greater security. See Operation Gladio.
    Mental evals: If you don’t love Dictator Obama, you’re crazy and can’t be trusted with a gun! Reminds me of the Soviet Union.
    Semi-autos: Removing our ability to fight back anywhere close to on par with the tyrants and their minions.
    As for the cowards, fuck ’em. If you think the political arena still matters, Gun Owners of America. If not, well…


  2. I would just like SOMEone in the executive or legislative branches to explain to me, us, the people exactly how banning what they continue to call “Assault Weapons” would have nad any direct effect on Sandy Hook. The EBR he killed to get stayed in the trunk.


    1. Apparently, that was a media mistake. I’m reading now that the Bushmaster was found next to the body. Regardless where it was… it’s no more lethal than any pistol.


  3. Hate to tell you, but, that is not all that this incident is affecting. I have an Asberger’s son/Higher functioning Autism. He was definitely disturbed by these events. He was in a program where he is learning to be a Security Guard and during a classroom discussion he stated that the shooter and he were “kin” and that he had studied criminals like McVey, Mason and that he could “commiserate” with them. What he was trying to say was that he understood how they could be perceived and what could possibly push them to extremes. Mt son, because he is different has been bullied, beaten, pushed, almost run over because he was “different” (social awkward). They took this as a “Terroristic threat” took him out of the program, filed a police report, I had to take him to the hospital last night for him to be evaluated to make sure he was not a threat to himself or others (which he is NOT-he has NEVER, will NEVER harm another human being). If ever there was a pure of heart it is mt son, he has empathy and suffers from it, he is very, very sensitive, and very, very social awkward, and oh how he has paid the price for that, and now with the NDAA, well lets just say I am sitting in my home, no sleep, petrified that my door is going to get a beat down, because the local police called me and said the the report is going to the FBI and possibly all the way up to the President. So go ahead and call people cowards, my very innocent, concerned citizen, bleeding heart of a son, said something inappropriate and now very well may pay with his life, his freedom, and I do not have money to defend, or the position, so call me a coward as well, oh yeah I shall fight for my son, but I am wetting my pants at the same time. So for people to be responsibly worried and pull back a little, yep, makes sense. And GOD bless all those kids out there with Autism and Asperger’s because believe me they are affected!


    1. Dawn, I’m sorry you’re going through this. I can’t even imagine what it’s like! My 15 year old boy doesn’t have autism/Aspergers, but he’s incredibly gentle and sensitive, and was very disturbed by this. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a person who is so overly sensitive to outside stimuli as someone with Aspergers. Good luck to you both.


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