A message from the Chaplain

You folks know I’m not religious. I’m not even close. I’m pretty much as atheist as they come. But I have many friends who are Christian, Jewish, Wiccan, Pagan, etc. I respect their faith, and I would never impose my lack of beliefs on them or ridicule them for it.

One such friend is one of two Army Chaplains whom I consider closest to me. One is my friend Mike (I can call him that now, since I’m out of the military and don’t have to salute his silly ass), with whom I deployed in 2007 and who was one of the few people who provided me with genuine sanity on that deployment. The other is my friend Jim. We haven’t deployed together. We haven’t even met in person yet. As a matter of fact, Jim and I met on the Rott, and found that we had a mutual friend in common – Mike. Go figure. We’ve talked on the phone, emailed and texted. Jim is genuine. He’s the real deal. A person who is dedicated to his nation, to his faith, and to the rights and freedoms this nation protects like no other.

Here’s a message.

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