Apparently I was too busy having a life yesterday to realize that 12-12-12 was THE day to get married for many couples lemmings, who thought it would be cool.

What’s up with this? Is it an attempt to be original? A way to never forget your wedding anniversary? Or as Rob put it in an email this morning, a way to be cool – like Bieber fans (everyone else thinks it’s cool)?

Whatever the reason, apparently, this was a big day, with thousands of people tying the knot (and even more filing for divorce two years later).

And because I’m way more original, cooler and hipper than all of you, I decided that the best days to get married would be:

  • Monkey Day (sometime in December)
  • Pig Day (Because pigs are cute, and because they transform into delicious bacon, and… really… who wouldn’t want a bacon-themed wedding?)
  • Hedgehog Day (in honor of the dearly-departed Prickles the Hedgehog, who was a really cool pet, and whom we still miss to this day)

Personally, I’d have to vote for Pig Day. Monkey Day just passed, and Hedgehog Day would make me somewhat sad, and I wouldn’t want to be sad on my wedding day, even though Prickles would be watching over me.

Pig Day, on the other hand, would have several benefits.

Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Bacon flavored dressing on salads. Bacon-wrapped filets and scallops. Bacon nachos. Bacon-wrapped cheese. Bacon loaf. Bacon.

This dress.

bacon dress

And there would be a potbellied pig carrying a basked of fake bacon bits instead of rose petals.

Yeah. Pig Day wedding.


8 responses

  1. I like the logic.


  2. Don’t forget your boyfriends birthday, he can (maybe) remember that one!


    1. Oh, I’m not worried about him forgetting. I just figure if everyone can be original, so can I. 😜


  3. Congratulations. Where should we send the ham?


  4. If your wedding anniversary is Pig Day…you might be a Redneck.


    1. Sooooowieeeeeeee!


  5. Screw the dress… it should be on the floor. 8>)


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