Bloomberg’s gun-free utopia is… uh… blooming

Man gunned down in the middle of a busy street.

The killer walked up behind him, whipped out a silver semiautomatic handgun and fired once into the back of his head.

New York has gun control. I guess the shooter didn’t get the memo.

An elderly woman attacked in a Greenwich village elevator.

The NYPD released surveillance video Monday of the man they are hoping to catch. The suspect is seen barreling over and robbing an 85-year-old woman — a long time resident of her building.

This jackass didn’t even need a gun to attack this woman and steal everything from her, including her wedding ring, given to her by her husband, who was hospitalized after a stroke. But she sure didn’t have a means of defending herself. Not even a chance! Thanks Mikey!

Another man stabbed to death with a pair of scissors.

Saladin Saunders was taken into custody after the fatal stabbing around 8 p.m. Monday after authorities discovered the victim, 45-year-old Keith Warney, with a stab wound to the neck inside the building on West 110th Street, police said.

Will Bloomberg go after sharp objects next? After all, one can get scissors, knives and even screwdrivers without a background check and then use them to maim and murder. They’re nearly as dangerous as salt, trans fats and big sodas.  When will the violence end? Won’t someone think of the children?



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  1. Looks like they’re at it again; a homeless man was stab to death in a building ran by Robert Hess and Alan Lapes. It’s been reported in the news since early this morning but what the news media isn’t aware of is that the location where Keith Warney (victim) was stab at was inside a Department of Homeless Services shelter called “Parkview Hotel”.

    This facility is owned by Alan Lapes who is well known for having high crime at his city shelters. Alan Lapes recently appointed former DHS Commissioner Robert Hess to oversee the social services department (Agulia Inc) in his facilities. The two recently attempted to open a shelter in Carol Gardens in Brooklyn but faced a lot of heat from the community board 6. These are the kind of violent acts which are frequent inside of city homeless shelters and get thrown under the rug. Not sure why the media hasn’t picked up on the fact that the victim was stabbed inside a DHS building.

    Parkview Hotel: (212) 369-3340
    Owner: Alan Lapes
    Social Service Director: Robert Hess (former DHS Comissioner)


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