Letter to Auto Zone

Dear Auto Zone –

I just finished reading two documents:
Your Pledge and Values and the news story about Devin McLean, who was fired from your York County store after defending his manager from an armed robber.

I’m disgusted at the contradiction, and suggest you immediately modify your values to include a statement about punishing employees for doing the right thing.

As your values, you claim that an AutoZoner always…

puts customers first
cares about people
strives for exceptional performance
energizes others
embraces diversity
helps teams succeed

Does punishing a young man and a veteran who honorably served his nation for defending his manager from an armed thug count as “caring about people?”

Does firing him before the holidays when he has a child on the way for merely protecting the life of another employee count as “values” in your book?

Please do explain this to me, because I’m flummoxed.

Does prohibiting a man from defending his life, your property and the life of another human being count as “energizing others?” Who are those “others?” Criminal vermin?

Or do you consider punishing a man for exercising his rights as part of your “diversity” policy? After all, you must appease the hoplophobes among you, right?

The young man in question obeyed your policy and remained defenseless by leaving his legally-owned firearm in his car on the job. But when he saw an armed thug point a gun in the face of his manager, he thought that MAYBE, POSSIBLY saving the manager’s life was worth violating your stupid store policy. So he got his gun, defended life and property and got screwed by you in the process.

Instead of thanking him for taking decisive action, as he was taught in the military, you stripped him of his job and his livelihood when he needed it most.

You disgust me. Your policy of disarmament disgusts me. And your disingenuous “values” disgust me.

You have lost a customer, and I will ensure that every last person I know stops spending money with your immoral, unethical company.

Your Zero Tolerance Sense stupidity is appalling. Your lack of human decency is repugnant. Your disregard for human life is disgusting.

You deserve every bit of consternation that comes your way, and I hope the free market punishes you with a loss of profits so great, you close down your pathetic excuse for a store.

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