Costas update

Just happened to catch Bob Costas on O’Reilly. If you remember, a few days ago, the sportscaster blamed our so-called “gun culture ” for the Belcher murder suicide.

So O’Reilly, not particularly well known for being an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment himself, decided to give Costas the opportunity to explain himself. 

The latter immediately got defensive, claiming we need to have a conversation about our “gun culture,” about stricter government controls over gun purchases,  and proceeded to absurdly claim that 40 percent of all guns purchased in the US are bought without a background check.

And then,  after rambling on about what he considered to be common sense gun control, he went on to claim that nowhere did he mention the Second Amendment.


As I said before, stick to football, dumbass.


One response

  1. So maybe even sportscasters should wear a helmet to protect from traumatic brain injury. And according to things I’ve read, Javon or whatever his name was had a long history of violence, especially outside football.


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