Dear Bob Costas,

Do yourself a favor and stick to football.

You’re a sports commentator.

No one gives a fuck what you think about the Second Amendment.

No one gives a fuck what your views are on our “gun culture,” especially when you quote another dumbass whose understanding of human nature, fundamental rights and the Constitution as lacking as yours.

And no, Jovan Belcher’s mere possession of a gun didn’t lead to his murder of Kasandra Perkins or his suicide. Or do you think that the mere possession of a tool made this (by all accounts) otherwise peaceful guy, who had a degree in child development and belonged to a group dedicated to non-violence, all of a sudden lose his mind?

Maybe Belcher was suffering from a traumatic brain injury, which can cause suicidal thoughts.

Maybe he was drinking and taking pills.

Do you honestly believe that if he was so mentally affected, not having a gun in the home was going to stop him? There were knives. There were blunt objects. And there were Belcher’s own muscles and fists, which given his strength and prowess on the football field, were significant weapons.

Why not address what could be the real causes of this tragedy, Bob? Why politicize their deaths and blame society, and “gun culture” in particular, rather than look at the likely pain from which Belcher was suffering when he took his and his girlfriend’s life?

Is it just more interesting to blame our rights and freedoms?

Is it just easier to blame society?

Is it your intellectual laziness and your inability to look beyond vapid platitudes that prompted you to blame every last one of us who appreciates having tools of self defense and the freedom to own them, and protect ourselves and our families against possible violence, instead of just expressing your sympathies to the family?

And is it so difficult to not politicize this tragedy and not opportunistically dance in the blood of the dead to push a political agenda?

Do us all a favor, asshole, and stick to football instead of taking advantage of a tragedy to push your political views!


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