Because having a vagina is more important

Than legal acumen? Damn skippy, according to Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a/k/a the Cryptkeeper).

Ginsburg said that no one has “ever raised a question” when nine men were serving on the bench.

Ginsburg added that she felt “lonely” on the bench when she was the only woman on the Supreme Court after Sandra Day O’Connor retired.

“It was the wrong perception for people to see just a little woman and eight larger men,” Ginsburg told the crowd. “But now if you come to the court, we are all over the bench.”

It’s THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES! No one gives a fuck if you’re lonely! You’re there to interpret the Constitution, not to have a Tupperware party or discuss bra size! Your plumbing shouldn’t matter to anyone, but your knowledge of the Constitution should!

But I guess in this post-racial, post-sexual United States, your skills should be secondary. What you’re hiding in your panties and your ethnicity is apparently more important.

America! What the flying hell happened to you???


3 responses

  1. See what happens when you let women vote? 🙂

    (Ducks Nicki’s grenade, diving for cover…)


  2. I’ve often said that what resides between your ears is far more important than what resides between your legs. Too bad no modern liberal understands this concept.


  3. Might I also add that they are there to INTERPRET the Constitution, not to REINVENT it. But reinventing is what they do these days.


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