Romney, the GOP, and immigration

Those of you who know me know that I did not support Mitt Romney for President. This was largely because of the cheating that went on at the RNC in Tampa, which is all the more galling considering that Romney had the nomination well in hand; apparently his minions, like the odious Ben Ginsberg, felt the need to punish the grassroots so we have to kiss the ring of the establishment every time out in the future. Despite this, I voted straight GOP all the way down the ticket, and then returned to the Presidential ballot line, which I’d left blank for consideration. I TRIED to force myself to vote for Romney/Ryan… TRIED… but then I remembered how the establishment, “the adults in the room”, meaning K Street and the consulting and punditry class, were in the tank for Romney, Pawlenty, and Huntsman. We were told any other choice was tantamount to Zero’s re-election. We had nothing resembling a fair primary process; it was loaded in favor of the establishment candidates, particularly Romney. I then unhesitatingly filled in the circle next to Johnson/Gray and turned in my ballot. I’ve met Gary Johnson personally, a number of times, and he’s exactly the sort of guy we need more of in politics. I had no illusions he’d be elected (and have some disagreements with him on defense and immigration), but he was the best man for the job and the best candidate on the ballot.

That aside, I’ve found my opinion of Romney, the man, not to say the candidate or the campaign, improving since his defeat. Romney was right on the money with his comments about the “gifts” to minorities, young voters and other special interests and voter blocs that Obama gave out. As Ilana Mercer pointed out far more eloquently than I could hope to, the GOP establishment descended on Mitt immediately, talking of how he was wrong and insensitive, and that we must retreat on immigration, entitlements and a host of other issues and become more “diverse”. This is exactly wrong. We cannot compete with Democrat Claus. Even if we could, that would represent complete ideological surrender. People are mocking the photos of Romney pumping his own gas, but this was the guy we needed to see more of during the last two years.

The Republican party embracing “comprehensive” immigration reform will mean its defeat. The Roveian idea of Hispanics as natual conservatives is a pipedream, as Heather MacDonald, who did an extensive study for the Manhattan Institute on Hispanic voters, points out. To more directly rebut the establishment’s babble about immigration, here’s Mark Kirkorian.

We’re importing third world peasants who will vote for more government largesse and who will further Balkanize America. Build the fence wall, and enforce immigration laws, and encourage self-deportation, and end birthright citizenship. We simply can’t afford another course of action, either ideologically or fiscally. It’s just another example of why the “moderates”, the social conservative and the neocons all need to be driven from control of the Republican party.

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  1. Hate to admit I spent 20+ years going to the crap holes of the world, getting shot at in a couple, missing my boys walking or talking for the first time only to retire and have to write in “None of the Above” on the last two presidential elections ‘cuz I couldn’t stomach any of the alternatives… Jefferson’s gotta be spinning,


  2. it is amazing that in both of Romney’s campaigns he came out voicing his views much better in the “end” in 2008 I loved his concession speech, and asked myself-where was this guy throughout the primaries, then again throughout 2012 the GOP killing the Independent party -having no respect for all the Paulies, and was asking myself why-it was because Romney was meant to fail, in other words was set up to fail, in other words, the GOP wanted to lose on purpose. Whether the purpose was to blame everything on Democrats, to further divide the nation, to push agenda 21, to push for NWO I cannot say. I can say that the Republican party is as guilty as the Democrats, that they in fact are one and the same. What our CONgress and SINate are doing and allowing is beyond the pale. (NDAA, CISPA, PIPA, LOST, UN treaty’s , 695 new business regulations, fiscal cliff, new wars, etc.) Watch what they are doing, what they are allowing, and then blaming “O”. Now I am no avid supporter of “O” but he is behaving, acting, doing, manipulating with the power that he IS ALLOWED! Whether he is a legal citizen, who his parentage really is, what his grade were in school is all mute point, look at “Fast and Furious, Libya, Drones-Yemen, Benghazi, etc,,,,why has he not been impeached-because they are all complicit!!!! Government has not represented “The People” in a long, long time, just look at how “Ocare” was passed!


  3. The problem is that all those atomistic macho contractors have their wives working for the government to get them all benefits, not to mention the real reason they work for themselves is so no one can see them break the law or go out of business. This is why Galbraith advocated that we prefer big business, big labor and big government.


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