Apple doesn’t fall far from the blighted tree, does it?

Not when it comes to Congressman James P. Moran – Congresscritter from the 8th district of Virginia, our home.

While Moran is busy assaulting children, blaming them eeeevil Joooos for the war in Iraq, being rude to people who serve this country, trying to raise the gas tax, accusing his opponents as well as opponents of the current administration’s policies of racism, giving himself raises at taxpayer expense, receiving contributions from terrorists, demanding a mosque be built at Ground Zero – the site where Islamic fundamentalist swine tried to destroy us, and trying to illegally disqualify his Democratic competition…

…his baby boy occupies himself with supporting voter fraud, while Moran and his leftarded buddies claim there’s no need for voter ID laws.

That’s right. Patrick Moran has been caught by a citizen journalist giving advice about how to best defraud the system.

Yes, that would be Patrick Moran – Jim Moran’s son and daddy’s paid staffer – telling an undercover reporter, James O’Keefe (the same guy who nailed ACORN), how to best fake utility bills and allow 100 fraudulent voters to cast ballots for his daddy.

So far Moran has called junior’s actions an “error in judgment.”  Why should he say anything further? His corruption is well known around these parts.

Arlington County police have launched an investigation into the younger Moran’s activities, and the campaign has put out a statement calling this an “unfortunate situation.” Poor Paddy has resigned from the campaign, but that appears to be the extent of contrition by the Moran clan.

It’s high time for Moran to be retired! I encourage everyone to support, contribute, volunteer, and, if you live in the 8th, VOTE for Patrick Murray for Congress. There is NO justification for continuing to support Moran. Anyone who would consider doing so, please, do the rest of us a favor and refrain from voting.


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  1. Moran has consistently made the [former] Byrd Machine look good. Both Byrds (Sr. & Jr.) had their faults — wasting money wasn’t one of them. Neither was raising taxes without reason.

    Cantor and Wolf aren’t bargains either, the former reminds me of the sort of person who runs a paycheque loan shop, the latter is worse than a used-car salesman outside any military base. One of the benefits of departing from Occupied Virginia to the Sixth District was/is decent congressional representation, both Bob Goodlatte and his Democratic predecessor Jim Olin answered correspondence and regularly canvassed constituents about their preferences on various agendas before Congress.

    [ /rant ] Sorry ’bout that, it’s sort of a hot button.


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