Your awesome dog video for today

Meet Loca the Singing Pug, who can’t feckin’ run.

There’s nothing more awesome (aside from a large, drooling, farting St. Bernard, of course) than a pug from Belfast, Ireland who sings.


3 responses

  1. Hahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!

    Via iPhone


  2. I believe Mr. Obama’s statement to the Chinese government re: women in China should concern women here as well: “I fully understand” and won’t “second guess” compulsory sterilization and forced abortion.”


    1. I believe you probably meant to post this in one of the other blog entries; however, I’ll reply here. It is, indeed, concerning (and disgusting) on many levels. On the other hand, we don’t want other nations interfering in our policies (and we get rather bent out of shape when they try to influence our capital punishment laws, for instance), and his policy of not interfering is probably sound.


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