Oh, Tolerance! How I love thee!

I’m an unabashed fan of the Daily Show. I don’t really watch TV – I don’t have time to – but I love going to the site and watching Daily Show clips online. Yes, there are many things I suspect Jon Stewart and I would disagree on, but I will give him a lot of credit for exposing hypocrisy, obtuseness, asshattery and downright dimwittedness on both sides of the political aisle!

Case in point: tolerance.

The current president has been spewing tolerance and civility with the intensity of a fire hose for several years now. And while liberals will point to the occasional overtly racist nimrod at a TEA Party rally or  salivate with glee when the likes of Rick Santorum or Todd Akin open their ignorant traps about gay rights or pregnancy, generally conservatives have a pretty open mind. We do have Log Cabin Republicans (gays, for those of you who don’t know), the Republican Liberty Caucus, who are more libertarian-leaning, TEA Party folks, social conservatives, moderates, Pagans, Evangelicals, and every race imaginable.

The one thing I was pretty excited about as the GOP convention droned on is the sheer variety of people at the Republican convention, even if I’m not particularly thrilled with the candidate. There were accomplished women – a former SECSTATE, several governors, political leaders, etc. There were folks of all races. And there were all levels of GOP, even though the antics of the establishment left me enraged beyond belief.

And I do think, overall, the persona of the GOP as the party of old, white men has been changing, despite the Democrats’ efforts to keep that label firmly stuck to the Republican brand.

And while the Democrats paint themselves as being the party of inclusion and tolerance, the Daily Show and its crack team of “reporters” shows exactly why they’re a bunch of lying swine.



Well, gosh! I don’t know why anyone would think the Democrats aren’t a welcoming bunch! They like everybody… except those who don’t quite agree with their views.

Oh, and no gun owners.

And by the way, if you’re religious, they don’t want you anywhere near them either.

And they looooooooooooooooooooooove the poor – unless, of course, they can afford to live in a trailer and not in government housing, and have bad dental hygiene. No dentist? Forget it!

And if you own a business, you’re quite obviously the oppressor, so you’re not allowed within 50 feet of them either.

And if you’re Nicki Minaj (whose music – if you can even call it that – I hate with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and whose “style” makes me want to crawl under a table and not come out until she puts on a bathrobe), and you rap about voting for Romney, they may just want to kill you.

Oh and if you’re gay and you support Republicans, you’re obviously a self-loathing traitor. Just ask Gay Patriot.

So whom does that leave again?


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  1. I think the Republicans are too tolerant when they accept a draft dodging candidate like Mitt Romney who spent 31 months in FRANCE of all places during the Vietnam war. In fact, the Mormons started restricting the missionary of religion “deferment” after guys like him were going to nice safe places to wait the war out. Then when MItt came back to the US after his “French experience” to collect a student deferment, he spouted off how the US getting into the Vietnam War a political blunder. How is that for a real patriot?

    I would expect the Dems (see Bill Clinton) to accept somebody like Romney but Republicans??? MItt didn’t serve and then badmouthed the US participation when real patriots were still dying in Vietnam.

    I doubt if I will be voting for Romney because we don’t vote for draft dodgers in my family. Too much tolerance is sometimes a bad thing. I might just have to sit this one out.


    1. I’ll be the last person to defend Romney. He’s certainly not my candidate. That said… I’m talking about tolerance of differing views.


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