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For those of you who are interested, the transcript to the CNN story is here.

NICKI FELLENZER, MOTHER: Come on, big guy.

SYLVESTER (voice-over): Arlington, Virginia, mom Nicki Fellenzer came to the United States when she was eight from the former Soviet Union. She says those early memories in the United States helped shape her current views.

She believes passionately in her rights and freedoms as an American. Fellenzer served in the U.S. military and now writes a blog called The Liberty Zone. If politicians want to know a few things about the so-called women’s vote, well, they can stop by and ask her.

FELLENZER: We care about the same issues as men care about. We don’t want to be targeted as some kind of special-interest group. We are not. We are people. We are Americans. We are people trying to make a living and trying to support our families. That’s no different from any man.

SYLVESTER: Fellenzer has followed and blogged about both the Democratic and Republican conventions.

FELLENZER: What would it take to get my vote? It would take for them, for each of them to put forth a balanced budget that cuts spending, that reduces our debt, that reduces our deficit, and that puts our country on a secure economic footing. Without that, it’s just more talk.

SYLVESTER: Women matter. They may be what puts President Obama over the top: 54 percent of women leaning towards the president, 42 percent to Mitt Romney. Republicans hope to close the gender gap as November approaches, Democrats to expand their lead. The convention speeches reflect that outreach.

ANN ROMNEY, MITT ROMNEY’S WIFE: It’s the moms who have always had to work a little harder to make everything right.

MICHELLE OBAMA, FIRST LADY: At the end of the day, my most important title is still mom in chief.

SYLVESTER: In Chevy Chase, Maryland, Joanne Bamberger has a 12- year-old daughter. She writes the popular blog Pundit Mom. Yes, she says the economy is front and center on the minds of middle-class moms. But there’s another issue that surfaced for her: access to birth control.

JOANNE BAMBERGER, MOTHER: There are certain fights that I thought women had fought and that we had certain rights that we just didn’t have to worry about any more.

SYLVESTER: Bamberger says if there’s one common thread among women bloggers, it’s this.

BAMBERGER: I think what I’m seeing online is they truly want to know specifics from both sides. Like it’s all well and good for you to get up on that stage at both conventions and tell us that you have policies that are going to address unemployment, and that are going to help our kids be better educated, and that will help clean air and clean water, but what specifically are you going to do?

SYLVESTER: Joanne Bamberger and Nicki Fellenzer, with different political views, but still looking for the same thing: more details from the men battling to lead the country for the next four years.

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    always look on the bright side of life never give your power away we always have bill of rights


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