A job opportunity

Had it with the Obama unemployment?

Can’t find a job in this Obama economy?

Got a criminal record?

Wanna get your hate on?

No worries! Here’s a job opportunity just for you! OK, maybe not quite an opportunity… more like a membership, but still… I’m amused.

The climb to membership in the feared Aryan Brotherhood of Texas prison gang isn’t just about getting inked with racially charged tattoos and obeying underworld orders, but also includes a stipulation that gangster prospects show government-issued proof of their criminal credentials.

Recruits are required to provide their FBI-issued rap sheets, replete with a list of arrests, convictions and sentences, according to court records and law enforcement authorities. The documents amount to résumés of bad deeds and have come up repeatedly during a four-year investigation that sent several dozen of the gang’s soldiers, leaders and associates to prison for drug trafficking, murder, assault and other crimes. While the gang – which was born in the Texas prison system in the 1980s and operates statewide – tolerates drug dealers, killers and kidnappers among its ruffian ranks, there is no room for child molesters or rapists, officials say.

Even racist, murdering scumbags have their standards! Jerry Sandusky need not apply.

DISCLAIMER: I know how completely immune some are to sarcasm, so this is for you who are humorly-challenged: I’M KIDDING!!!!  I DON’T ADVOCATE MEMBERSHIP IN THE ARYAN BROTHERHOOD OR ANY OTHER KIND OF RACIST / CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION!

Sheesh! It’s hard to believe I even need to put this up there, but in these strange times… who knows!


One response

  1. That’s just too funny!

    Calling them a racist group is a bit of a stretch though as they do very, very little to combat the Blacks and Hispanics – if anyone believes that such need combating – outside of prison.

    They’re just criminals using White Power as binding idea without actually doing much – thankfully – of anything along those line outside of prison.


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