Akin is like a bad case of the herp

He is the gift that keeps on giving and refuses to go away.

After issuing a contrived apology for implying that rape victims are lying about their pregnancies, because their magical uteruses… uteri… are able to detect “legitimate” rape and block conception, and therefore the women seeking to terminate their pregnancies must be lying about being raped, numerous GOP leaders have come forward to encourage him to go away.

But no… like a fat guy in front of the buffet, Akin just refuses to step aside. He thinks he’s too good. He thinks he deserves to continue to Election Day.  He blames the “liberal media,” which is apparently the boogieman under the bed of every fucktard who sticks his foot in his mouth.  And now the effects of his asshattery are beginning to show.

What a difference one TV interview can make. Embattled Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill has now jumped to a 10-point lead over her Republican challenger, Congressman Todd Akin, in Missouri’s U.S. Senate race. Most Missouri Republicans want Akin to quit the race while most Missouri Democrats want him to stay.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Show Me State finds McCaskill earning 48% support to Akin’s 38%. Nine percent (9%) like some other candidate in the race, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

But apparently, that doesn’t matter. Akin puts his own delusional spin on the situation. Apparently his managing to lose a fairly comfortable lead in the polls and then falling behind by an uncomfortable margin just means his opponent is weak.

Um… what?

“The fact that Claire McCaskill is only polling at 48% after 72 hours of constant negative attacks on Todd Akin shows just how weak she is. If she can’t break fifty percent after a week like this, Democrats should ask Claire to step down. Todd is in this race to win; we will close this gap and win in November with the support of the grassroots in Missouri and across America.”

Dude! Do us all a favor and unass the AO. You are embarrassing yourself. At this point, if you showed up in a pair of soiled tidy-whities and proceeded to squat in the shoe section of Wal-Mart, it would be less humiliating than continuing this insanity.

Go away!






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  1. While I agree with you, Akins’ has a point. If his enemy can’t break 50% after his fuck up and the media’s aggrandizement thereof – and his own party’s call for his going away, she’s weak, overextended, and vulnerable.

    Look at it this way – he’s in a bad position and has no cover whatsoever. He can only choose to surrender or charge. Fortune favors the bold…when it doesn’t destroy them.


    1. I don’t think Akins’ point is valid. We already knew McCaskill was politically vulnerable. That’s not news. The news is that he lost a 10 point lead over this politically vulnerable politician and is 10 points down against her. And instead of getting the fuck out, this loser tries to draw attention away from his ineptitude by pointing out what we already knew about her in the first place.


    2. And, if he got out, what then? She just wins unopposed? Or do we put someone else into a poisoned well as it were?


      1. If I were the GOP, I’d put someone in there who was just as liked as Akin before he opened his yap. The primary was real close. Put Sarah Steelman in there. She has as much chance to kick McCaskill in the labia as Akin did, but without the Akin baggage. She’s gorgeous, conservative, and could get the vote of conservatives without the concern about supporting the “magic uterus.”

        Although I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know how the rules work or if that would even be possible.


    3. Akin can pull out any time up to September 25, with a court order to remove himself from the ballot. At that point it’s up to the GOP who to replace him with.

      Sadly, I think whoever that would be, if anyone, would have a hard fight and that it might be better to just rally around Akin, mobilize the base, and hope that the 2010 redistricting saves the day. I’d rather not setup either Steelman or Brunner to fail when they’ll be more useful later.


      1. Supporting Akin will paint the GOP as ridiculously ignorant and lend credence to the whole “war on women” scenario. As much as I hate to say it, because it’s far from true. Whereas most halfway sane people will laugh at their absurd claim that not paying for contraception constitutes a war on women, lining up behind this moron will certainly bolster their claim.

        Brunner or Steelman will have a tough battle but not as tough as Akin, who is guaranteed to lose. As we said, McCaskill is vulnerable, so put a candidate up against her who isn’t. That candidate is not Akin.


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