Inexcusable leaks

Found this video at This Ain’t Hell. The folks at the Special Operations (OPSEC) Political Committee made a video that clearly explains why they oppose this administration’s compromise of our national security for political gain.

Watch it. It’s important. The movies, the self-congratulatory bullshit, the “briefings” to Hollywood… these politicians have no idea how much their antics hinder our national security.

Our operators are quiet professionals. They don’t do what they do for glory. And while they risk their lives and even die, the idiots in Washington use their accomplishments as political capital.

We cannot afford to have these amateurs continue to compromise OPSEC and our national security. Think about that when you cast your votes this fall.


One response

  1. This issue is near and dear to my heart. These kinds of leaks can get people killed. It’s the SF butts on the line, and these guys have families. Their job is hard enough without the politicians and Campaigner in Chief making it harder. Newspaper reporters are just as giulty of reporting classified info. It burns me up when idiots put us and ours in harm’s way by running their mouths.


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